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http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/darrell weaver interview.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Newsmaker Interview: Darrell Weaver

Featured in Top Stories

Oklahoma currently rests between the horns of a new law meant to target and stop the creation of meth. The first half of House Bill 2491 came into effect in July limits the amount of cold medicine, like Sudafed or Claritin-D, an individual can purchase in a given amount of time. The other half of the bill will soon link Oklahoma up to other nearby states via an electronic system that tracks the sale of drugs used to make meth. We spoke to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Director Darrell Weaver about the new law and how it's being used to stomp out an age-old problem.

Related Topics: Community, Biology & Chemistry, Business & Economy, Government, Social Issues, Health, Health, Society

Originally broadcast on August 17, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/community health centers.flv Community Health Centers
Community Health Centers


Featured in Top Stories

Recently, Governor Mary Fallin announced that she would wait until the November elections had wrapped up to decide on whether to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Healthcare Act. Similarly, state lawmakers continue to drag their feet on crafting a state healthcare exchange, hoping that a new president in the White House will reverse the law. While movement on the law remains in limbo, communities struggle to meet the healthcare demands of some 700,000 Oklahomans who have no health insurance.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Lifestyle, Child Development, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Social Issues, Health, Health

Originally broadcast on August 3, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR 7-27-12.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report


On this episode of ONR, we take a look at the drought gripping the state and many of it's industries. The heat is hitting agriculture hard, but so is a shortage of young farmers replacing retiring baby boomers. But there are some who say they can't think of a better career to pursue than that which requires a tractor. The Olympics might be in London, but some Olympians are right here in Oklahoma, recalling the joy of going for the gold. Plus, an all-new take on meals on wheels, animals get a helping hand, and we remember a local legislative legend on this ONR.

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Originally broadcast on July 27, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/wildcare.flv WildCare


Featured in Top Stories

This little house has a big mission, serving as home, hospital, and nursery for all variety of furred and feathered creatures. But while the animal population at WildCare is expanding, the space is not, and that's inspiring the organization to take on the biggest project in it's history.

Related Topics: Community, People & Profiles, Health Care & Illnesses, Earth, Natural History, Animals, Health, Education, Biography & Profiles, Health, Biography & Profiles

Originally broadcast on July 27, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/cycling.flv Living Well: Cycling
Living Well: Cycling


Featured in Top Stories

With gas prices high and health rankings low, many Oklahomans are turning to biking as their preferred mode of transportation. So popular has bike bipedalism become, the Sooner State has jumped from 43rd to 35th in a national survey of bicycle friendliness, propelled by a populous looking to get healthier and get around on a dime.

Related Topics: Community, Travel, Lifestyle, Earth, Environment, Business & Economy, Global Affairs, Social Issues, Health, Energy & Environment, Health, Society

Originally broadcast on July 27, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/hospital art.flv Children's Hospital Art
Children's Hospital Art


Featured in Top Stories

Being sick can be frightening, especially for children. But at the OU Children's Hospital, a new type of therapy is being tested to help kids cope with the rigors of disease. It's called 'art therapy.'

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Originally broadcast on July 13, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/alheimers.flv Alzheimer's Research
Alzheimer's Research


Featured in Top Stories

Rising in tandem with the United State's aging population is the number of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. While this debilitating disease remains uncured, researches in Oklahoma are trying a new form of occupational therapy with the hope of preserving patients' skills along with their dignity and independence.

Related Topics: Community, People & Profiles, Health Care & Illnesses, Aging, Lifestyle, Caregiving, Psychology & The Mind, Biology & Chemistry, Health, Health, Society

Originally broadcast on June 12, 2012


The Oklahoma News Report

On this week's ONR, the Keystone XL Pipeline giveth, but it also taketh away. Our reporters look at the issue of imminent domain and what that means for Oklahoma residents living along the pipeline's path. Faith-based substance abuse programs expand their reach to meet the ever-growing needs of those struggling with the demons of addiction. Luck favors the prepared, especially in Tornado Alley. We look into emergency plans and shelters from Oklahoma's life-threatening storms. Finally, artwork seeks repair as murals in the State Capitol meet their deadliest foe--sunlight. And a landmark church gets a chance at revival with new ownership.

Related Topics: Fine Arts, Religion & Beliefs, Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Renaissance, Environment, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Science & Technology, Health, Arts & Entertainment, Health

Originally broadcast on November 12, 0005

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Autism_Research.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Autism Research (7:45)

Featured in Top Stories

It's an epidemic reaching crisis proportions. According to the national centers for disease control and prevention, an estimated one out of every 150 children, is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or A.S.D. Researchers at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences are taking a team approach to identifying the causes of autism, and they hope to someday find a way to prevent this devastating disease.

Related Topics: Health Care & Illnesses, Child Development, Biology & Chemistry, Health, Health

Originally broadcast on October 28, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/CE_Noble_Foundation.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Cutting Edge Noble Foundation (5:02)

Featured in Top Stories

Feeding the world's growing population continues to pose major challenges for society. The agricultural and scientific community is conducting research that holds the promise of increased food security and improved human health. In Oklahoma, much of that work is taking place in Ardmore at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.

Related Topics: Science & Technology, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on September 9, 2011