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http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Addiction_Treatment___OK_Watch.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Addiction Treatment & OK Watch (13:20)

Featured in Top Stories

Oklahoma continues to send more women to prison than any other state. 63 percent of them suffer from substance abuse. Despite treatment in prison, many of the women get out, start using again and eventually end up back behind bars. A relatively new therapy is looking at addiction from a gender based perspective. It explores women's childhood traumas as the springboard to their cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. According to the institute for child advocacy there are 27,000 children of incarcerated parents in Oklahoma. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Oklahoma finds mentors to help these children break the inter-generational cycle of crime through the "Amachi" program. However due to federal budget cuts that program is now in jeopardy. We spoke with Jaclyn Cosgrove who is covering this issue for Oklahoma Watch.

Related Topics: Women, Government, Women, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on October 14, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Mental_Health_Jails.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Mental Health Jails (8:17)

Featured in Top Stories

There are hundreds of Oklahomans now in county jails and state prisons who are mentally ill. They end up there for breaking a law, but in many cases that crime was the result of a mental illness that has gone untreated. With the Oklahoma County jail now recognized as the state's largest mental health facility, a prosecutor and a public defender find themselves in the role of trying to find justice in a new way.

Related Topics: Health Care & Illnesses, Government, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on October 14, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Muslim_Relations.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Muslim American Relations (5:19)

Featured in Top Stories

Ten years after 9-11, relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in America remain complicated. We spoke with Sheryl Siddiqui, spokesperson for the Islamic Council Of Oklahoma, and Dr. Cyrus contractor from the college of international studies at the University Of Oklahoma.

Related Topics: Religion & Beliefs, Government, Religion & Beliefs

Originally broadcast on September 9, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/extras/ONR_Extra_Prairie_Chicken.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

ONR Extra Prairie Chicken (3:35)

Featured in ONR Extras

A stocky, ground-dwelling bird is at the center of an impending decision which could have a major impact on businesses and industries that operate in northwest Oklahoma. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently conducting a study to determine whether the lesser prairie chicken should be listed as an endangered species and receive protection. State officials and business leaders testified at a forum sponsored by U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe--arguing that such a listing could pose major economic development problems in the region. Among those participating in that forum were new wildlife service director Dan Ashe and Oklahoma Secretary of the Environment Gary Sherrer.

Related Topics: Environment, Animals, Government

Originally broadcast on September 9, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Drought_Fire.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Drought Fire (9:19)

Featured in Top Stories

Temperatures may have dropped, but fire departments across the state are still feeling the heat. The drought that began last October was made worse by months of 100-plus heat, cooking up a cruel summer for firefighters. The spread of wildfires across the state is only the latest in a string of disasters to hit Oklahoma. We talk to Albert Ashwood, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management about that agency's response.

Related Topics: Weather & Natural Disasters, Government

Originally broadcast on September 9, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Beer_and_Wine.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Beer and Wine Sales (5:52)

Featured in Top Stories

Oklahoma has always had issues with alcohol. We are the only state to enter the union with prohibition as part of our state constitution. Prohibition didn't end here until 1959 and that happened only after lawmen were ordered by the governor to strictly enforce the laws banning alcohol sales. When the state began drying up, voters demanded an end to prohibition. The legislature is again looking at a major change to the states liquor laws and as expected, it's causing controversy.

Related Topics: Community, Government, Politics, Social Issues

Originally broadcast on October 7, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Tar_Creek.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Tar Creek Superfund (11:12)

Featured in Top Stories

It was almost a century ago that a mining camp was established in far northeastern Oklahoma, in an area that would become the town of Picher. By the 1920's Picher was the center of the largest lead and zinc mining operation in the nation. But now, Picher does not exist. The town died from contamination, by-products of mining, which forced the federal government to close Picher and relocate its residents. And while almost all the people are gone, much of the hazard still remains.

Related Topics: Community, Weather & Natural Disasters, Government, Health, Energy & Environment

Originally broadcast on October 7, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/Crumbling_Infrastructure.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Crumbling Infrastructure (8:43)

Featured in Top Stories

The consequences of long term neglect are now very evident across the state as infrastructure is giving way to years of service with little to no maintenance. From bridges that are termed structurally deficient to a state capitol building that is partially cordoned off due to a crumbling facade, the urgency of major repairs is becoming clearer with each passing day.

Related Topics: Government, Politics, Transportation & Infrastructure

Originally broadcast on October 7, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/extras/ONR_Extra_Drilling_Tax_Credits.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

ONR Extra Tax Credits (3:29)

Featured in ONR Extras

Representatives of the oil and gas industry say elimination of state tax incentives for drilling would have a significant impact on their operations. They expressed their concerns recently in testimony before a legislative task force which has been examining Oklahoma’s system of tax credits, incentives and other tax spending. Here is some of that testimony in this ONR Extra.

Related Topics: Business & Economy, Government, Energy & Environment

Originally broadcast on September 30, 2011

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/government/IYG_Film_and_Music.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

Film and Music Commission (4:41)

Featured in It's Your Government

Spending through the tax code is under increased scrutiny in Oklahoma which gives away an estimated 5-billion dollars a year in credits and other tax breaks. Oklahoma's Film & Music office uses tax incentives to attract film, television, video, and music industries to the state and to promote their growth. Supporters of the Oklahoma film industry believe spending more to bring in more movie productions is good business for the state.

Related Topics: Film & Television, Government, Arts & Entertainment

Originally broadcast on September 30, 2011