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Culture & Society » Food

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/onr 5-17-13.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report


In this episode of the ONR, computer glitches are leaving everyone from students to lawmakers frustrated about the issues with these key end-of-year exams. And while computers are one issue, food and hunger are a whole other problem on educators' hands, as schools start looking at feeding not just pupils' minds, but also their stomachs. Plus, wheat crops, a round-up of this week's happenings at the capitol, and the week in business on this ONR.

Related Topics: Folk Art & Crafts, Community, Food, People & Profiles, Women, Child Development, Education, Weather & Natural Disasters, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Women, Race & Ethnicity, Social Issues, Health, Education, Energy & Environment, Transportation & Infrastructure

Originally broadcast on May 17, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/WHEAT CROP.flv ONR 5-17-13
ONR 5-17-13

Wheat Crop

Featured in Top Stories

A one-two punch from Mother Nature has many wheat farmers on the ropes as experts predict this year's harvest will be half of a normal harvest, if farmers can harvest anything at all.

Related Topics: Food, Weather & Natural Disasters, Business & Economy

Originally broadcast on May 17, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/sunup_F8 480p (16x9).flv ONR 3-22-13
ONR 3-22-13

Sunup: AgrAbility

Featured in Top Stories

This program keeps farmers farming--even if age, health, or some other issue has slowed them down.

Related Topics: Food, Health Care & Illnesses, Aging

Originally broadcast on March 22, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR 3-1-13.flv 3-1-13

Oklahoma News Report

In this episode, Oklahoma U.S. Representative Tom Cole lays out the local impact of sequestration. One group who will be impacted? The middle class, a group that is increasingly shrinking--and being squeezed by economic issues besides. In northern Oklahoma, cattlemen in Osage County face a particular issue as they fight to protect their lands and their cattle. Meanwhile, small towns across the state find themselves in broader food deserts and local groceries struggle to keep their doors open. And a local government agency that defines the very word, 'streamlined.' Plus, high-tech hay theft deterrent, a state capitol roundup, and saying goodbye to an Oklahoma acting legend, on this ONR.

Related Topics: Film & Television, Biography & Profiles, Community, Food, Education, Modern, Earth, Environment, Weather & Natural Disasters, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Science & Technology, Social Issues

Originally broadcast on March 1, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/RURAL GROCERIES.flv ONR 3-1-13
ONR 3-1-13

Rural Groceries

Featured in Top Stories

Small town groceries across the state struggle to remain open amid declining populations, a problem that causes a domino effect in already dwindling towns and leaves more and more Oklahomans stranded in food deserts.

Related Topics: Food, Business & Economy, Social Issues

Originally broadcast on March 1, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/newsmaker interview food banks.flv ONR 12-21-12
ONR 12-21-12

Newsmaker Interview: Food Insecurity

Featured in Top Stories

Rodney Bivens, Executive Director of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and Eileen Bradshaw, Executive Director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, join Dick Pryor to discuss food insecurity in the state.

Related Topics: Food, Fitness & Nutrition, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on December 21, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/fields pie.flv ONR 12-21-12
ONR 12-21-12

Field's Pecan Pie

Featured in Top Stories

With the holidays upon Oklahoma, many are turning to a statewide staple for tasty pecan pies: Mrs. Fields.

Related Topics: Food, Business & Economy, Biography & Profiles

Originally broadcast on December 21, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR 10-26-12.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report


On this episode of ONR, we explore Oklahoma's 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, and the heated races taking place in both. We continue our political coverage with Cathy Tatom's latest report on Oklahoma's state questions, looking at affirmative action and the governor's role in the parole process. Then we explore initiatives put in place to prevent another Dust Bowl, and we tour a tasty staple of the Oklahoma economy: Bama Pies. Plus, an exclusive interview with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a new Listen To Me segment, and updates on the ODVA studies and the A-F school grading system, on this ONR.

Related Topics: Community, Food, Travel, People & Profiles, Health Care & Illnesses, Aging, Caregiving, Modern, Earth, Environment, Natural History, Weather & Natural Disasters, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Environment, Race & Ethnicity, Social Issues, Opinion, Biography & Profiles, Energy & Environment, Transportation & Infrastructure, Military & Espionage

Originally broadcast on October 26, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/oklahoma_votes_2010/farm bill.flv Oklahoma Votes 2012
Oklahoma Votes 2012

Farm Bill Update

Congress reconvened for a short stint starting September 10th, but not much was accomplished before they broke for another recess. Among the bills left unattended was the Farm Bill, a beleaguered piece of legislation that's been reworked by both the House and the Senate and ultimately still left undecided. We spoke to the President of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Mike Spradling, about the legislation and what it's holdup means for local farmers in this ONR excerpt.

Related Topics: Community, Food, Business & Economy, Government, Politics

Originally broadcast on October 23, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/tulsa state fair.flv Tulsa State Fair
Tulsa State Fair


Featured in Top Stories

The smell of popcorn and cotton candy, the dazzling lights of the midway, the competitions, the games, the festivities, all small parts that add up to the big allure of a fair. It's a well-known fact that Oklahoma boasts two state fairs: the Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair. What's not so well-known is exactly why. ONR's Cathy Tatom went out to discover why the dualities, and why one fair just wasn't enough.

Related Topics: Folk Art & Crafts, Community, Food, Travel, Sports & Recreation, Modern, Business & Economy, Arts & Entertainment

Originally broadcast on October 5, 2012