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Culture & Society

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/native american healthcare.flv ONR 12-7-12
ONR 12-7-12

Native American Health Care

Featured in Top Stories

As the debate continues to rage over government-directed health care, it's easy to forget that there are several sovereign governments in Oklahoma alone that provide expansive health care coverage to thousands of it's citizens. ONR's Cathy Tatom takes a look at the Native American tribal health care system.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Caregiving, Government, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on December 7, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/extra civic health index.flv ONR 12-7-12
ONR 12-7-12

ONR Extra: Civic Health Index

Featured in Top Stories

Researchers at the University of Central Oklahoma have been hard at work measuring the state's civic involvement, studying factors such as volunteering, family cohesion, and political involvement. What they found was a state full of citizens ready to give, but maybe not willing to talk politics

Related Topics: Community, Civilizations, Politics, Social Issues

Originally broadcast on December 7, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/cattle rustling.flv ONR 12-7-12
ONR 12-7-12

Agricultural Crimes Unit

Featured in Top Stories

Cattle rustling sounds like the problem of characters in a western movie, but it's a ongoing issue costing victims millions of dollars each year, made more difficult because the crimes occur in unpopulated areas. But there is a tenacious crew out to stop such crimes.

Related Topics: Community, Animals, Business & Economy

Originally broadcast on December 7, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/oklahoma_forum/FORUM12_9_12.flv Oklahoma Forum
Oklahoma Forum

The Future of the Middle Class

We often hear from lawmakers, academics, pundits and policy experts on this program, discussing the news, identifying problems and proposing solutions. By design, they talk a lot about the issues concerning regular citizens, the middle class, and how politics and policies affect them. Today, for the first time on Oklahoma Forum, we're going to turn the tables, do something different, and listen to what some of those Oklahomans think about our state, what concerns them, and what they hope for the future. Call it a mini-town hall meeting, with our guests: Greg Hallman, Jr., a Spanish teacher at Santa Fe South Middle School, a charter school in Oklahoma City. Ashlie Stover, an undergraduate dance student from the University of Central Oklahoma. DePorres "Dee" Hopkins, owner of Hopkins Haircare and Enterprises in Oklahoma City. and, Brenna Reaves, a registered nurse of labor and delivery at Integris Southwest Medical Center.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Education, Issues & Advice, Business & Economy, Government, Social Issues, Health, Education

Originally broadcast on December 9, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/oklahoma_forum/FORUM EDIT 12 2 12.flv Oklahoma Forum
Oklahoma Forum

The Future of Health Care in Oklahoma

States have until December 14th to decide whether to create their own health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. 16 states and the District of Columbia are setting up their own exchanges and five states are going to work with the federal government in doing it. States that don't establish their own system will see the federal government set one up for them. Oklahoma is one of those states. Governor Mary Fallin has turned thumbs-down on two key Obamacare provisions, the exchange and medicaid expansion, and today, we discuss what that decision means for health care in Oklahoma, with our guests: Julie Cox-Kain, Chief Operating Officer for the Oklahoma State Department of Health; Andrew Rice, former state senator and Executive Director of the Variety Care Foundation; Dr. David Holden, an orthopedic surgeon from Oklahoma City; and Dr. Boyd Shook, an internal medicine physician in Edmond.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Fitness & Nutrition, Business & Economy, Government, Politics, Social Issues, Health, Health

Originally broadcast on December 2, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/tommy franks museum.flv ONR 11-30-12
ONR 11-30-12

Highway 9: Tommy Franks Museum

Featured in Top Stories

In Hobart, Oklahoma, there's a museum that's much more than just a collection of memorabilia. While dedicated to Tommy Franks, one of the state's most renown military leaders, the museum also works to remember the past and mold the leaders of our future.

Related Topics: Travel, People & Profiles, Modern, War & Conflict, Biography & Profiles

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/nmi-russell evans.flv ONR 11-30-12
ONR 11-30-12

Newsmaker Interview: Russell Evans

Featured in Top Stories

Key to Governor Fallin's decision not to expand Medicaid coverage or set up a health care exchange was funding. Governor Fallin cited uncertainty in federal funding stability and unknown state costs as part of the reason she turned down the options. Dick Pryor spoke with Steven C. Agee Executive Director and Research Economist Russell Evans about the numbers behind the health care, and what they mean.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Business & Economy, Government, Health

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/new laws.flv ONR 11-30-12
ONR 11-30-12

New Laws

Featured in Top Stories

Oklahomans have heard a lot about two particular laws that went into effect recently: open carry and a new nine month supervision period for inmates on parole. But those weren't the only laws put into effect. ONR's Cathy Tatom takes a look at the state's latest laws, and their impact on the lives of Oklahomans.

Related Topics: Travel, Government, Social Issues, Transportation & Infrastructure

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/health care.flv ONR 11-30-12
ONR 11-30-12

Health Care

Featured in Top Stories

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has rejected the Affordable Care Act twofold: she has rejected the Medicaid expansion and decided not to set up a health insurance exchange. Now the federal government will set up an exchange for the state, and many are left to wonder what will happen to Oklahomans that will fall into the health care gap.

Related Topics: Community, Health Care & Illnesses, Caregiving, Social Issues, Health

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2012

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/top/frank deford.flv ONR 11-30-12
ONR 11-30-12

ONR Extra: Frank DeFord

Featured in Top Stories

A Sports Illustrated Senior Contributing Editor, a regular on Real Sports Talk with Bryant Gumbel and steady NPR contributor, Frank DeFord knows a little about sports. The veteran sports journalist has been writing about the world of athletics for over fifty years, covering some of sports' biggest moments. Recently, DeFord took a moment to speak with ONR's Bob Sands about the universality of baseball, and the future of one of America's favorite contact sports.

Related Topics: People & Profiles, Media, Sports

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2012