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Oklahoma News Report

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-03-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 3, 2010 (30:00)

The battle over the 2010 budget continues in the state Senate. Senate Republicans are expected to hold another vote today on bills that have to pass for the budget agreement between legislative leaders and the governor to be enacted. Skiatook School Superintendent Gary Johnson is still getting a paycheck but the school board suspended him following a closed door meeting that left patrons angry. The board has yet to give taxpayers any explanation for how more than half a million dollars was wasted in a purchasing scandal. A new museum is opening in Tulsa, to help preserve the history of the cityÂ’s art deco architecture. Graduates this year at the University of Oklahoma will be offered biodegradable graduation gowns made of wood fiber harvested from renewable managed forests. The zippers are from recycled material and it all disintegrates in a landfill within a year.

Originally broadcast on March 3, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-02-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 2, 2010 (28:40)

Talks began last evening and continued today between Republican and Democratic leaders to try and end the budget standoff that began late in the day in the state Senate. So far no deals have been reached and furloughs and layoffs are just days away without the increased spending. We talk In-Depth tonight with an official of the Highway Patrol about what the stalled budget agreement would do for the agency if an agreement can be reached on additional spending for Senior Nutrition programs. The House has approved a bill to require women who want an abortion, to undergo an ultrasound before the procedure is done. The bill is one of several individual measures that were originally part of a larger bill passed last year that was ruled unconstitutional City government and school bond elections are being held in several locations around the state. Many school districts are depending on bonds to pay for building improvements and repairs during the ongoing budget cutbacks.

Originally broadcast on March 2, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-01-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 1, 2010 (28:40)

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal of the 10 Commandments case from Haskell County. That means the lower court ruling that the marker must be removed will stand. 75 more state employees are now out of work with the closure of two state homes for the mentally disabled. Facilities in Enid and Pauls Valley were shut down due to ongoing budget cuts. The House has approved a bill to create a voluntary program to register and inspect breeders of puppies and kittens. Over the weekend, a 4.1 magnitude earth quake shook the ground in Oklahoma. It was the strongest quake to hit the state in over a decade. Tonight we talk In-Depth with a seismologist about what is going on under ground.

Originally broadcast on March 1, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-25-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 25, 2010 (28:40)

The state Senate votes to move the embattled Medical Examiners office to new facilities on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma. Senate President Pro Temp Glenn Coffee says he will change his no vote on a bill keeping the dates of birth of government employees secret. He is also calling for balance on a bill to keep secret the financial records of the state Film Commission which gives tax rebates to movie makers. A report from the Rockefeller Institute shows Oklahoma government revenue dropped more during the final quarter of 2009 than any other state in the nation. An In-Depth report tonight on the presidentÂ’s Health Care Meeting and comments from Senator Tom Coburn that found wide ranging support. The Oklahoma House has approved a bill making it illegal for a woman to sell her eggs. The bill does not ban men from selling sperm.

Originally broadcast on February 25, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-24-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 24, 2010 (28:38)

The Oklahoma Senate is slated to debate resolutions that would remove the state from any national health care reform law and require the Attorney General to sue the federal government to block the reforms from going into effect. Long time Senate staffer, Charles Israel was found unconscious in a men’s room at the state Capitol late Tuesday. Later, he passed away at an Oklahoma City Hospital. Israel suffered from muscular dystrophy. Five more public schools are under investigation by the state Auditor for how they have been spending money. Few of those school officials have been willing to talk about the probe. In our “It’s your Money” segment tonight, the ONR examines the practice of communities spending millions of dollars to keep a business from moving away. Do the tax payer funded incentives pay off in the long run?

Originally broadcast on February 24, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-23-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 23, 2010 (28:40)

The state Auditor says Skiatook Public Schools use of a middleman to buy janitorial supplies and security systems wasted more than half a million dollars. The state Health Department sponsored Child Abuse Prevention day at the state capitol. The Main reason, the make a point to lawmakers that budget cuts could eliminate key programs that help prevent abuse and neglect of children. A bill approved by the state Senate would allow the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority to buy electricity that is generated by a nuclear power plant. It would also allow the authority to become a partner in the construction of such a facility in Oklahoma. In-Depth, we talk with an expert on how credit histories are now impacting the search for jobs as well as buying anything on credit.

Originally broadcast on February 23, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-22-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 22, 2010 (29:29)

The state Tax Commissions semi-annual report shows 460 tax breaks are costing the state $5.5-billion a year. The tax loss may be higher since not all tax exemptions are included in the figures. Hundreds of students from alternative schools worked the halls of the state legislature today, asking lawmakers to keep their funding intact. The Oklahoma House is going to hear a bill to exempt guns made and sold in Oklahoma from federal regulation. The number of fatal car crashes involving 16 and 17 year olds has dropped dramatically since 2000. ThatÂ’s when the states graduated driverÂ’s license law took effect. New rules go into effect today for credit card holders and we talk In-Depth with an expert about what those rules mean to consumers.

Originally broadcast on February 22, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-19-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 19, 2010 (28:39)

An Oklahoma County district court judge has thrown out another anti-abortion law for the same reason; lawmakers rolled more than one issue into the bill. Attorney General Drew Edmondson says any move by the Texas A.G. to get involved in the Tarrant County water lawsuit will be met with stiff opposition from the state of Oklahoma. Four Oklahoma lawmakers got a taste of classroom teaching today in Tulsa. Part of a project to show legislators what teachers face each day. Our Newsmaker interview tonight features the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and the impact of a budget deal to give the agency $33-million more to avoid further cuts to Medicaid.

Originally broadcast on February 19, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-18-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 18, 2010 (28:40)

The Governor and legislative leaders are back behind closed doors, trying to finish an agreement on how to get through the budget crisis for this fiscal year and next. Just three years old, the Gatorade plant in Pryor Oklahoma is closing down. The company blames the economic downturn for the closing. While members of the House see the need for emergency funding for the embattled Medical Examiners office, Senate President Pro Temp Glenn Coffee disagrees. He says fiscal responsibility is necessary first. We talk In-Depth tonight about a new way to renew or purchase a new license plate. Do it On-Line.

Originally broadcast on February 18, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_02-17-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

February 17, 2010 (28:24)

A Senate committee has voted to sell Compsource, the state owned issuer of Workers Compensation insurance to companies that cannot get the coverage elsewhere. The Oklahoma Policy Institute reports the state has more than 450 tax breaks that cost the state $5.6-billion in 2008. No one reviews the tax breaks to see if they are being abused. A group backing the use of medical marijuana worked the hallways of the state capitol today looking for support for such a measure. The White House says stimulus money, among other things, saved 23,000 Oklahoma jobs including covering the costs of nearly 5,000 teachers over the last year. An In-Depth discussion with Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent on the impact of ongoing state budget cuts.

Originally broadcast on February 17, 2010