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Oklahoma News Report

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-17-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 17, 2010 (22:41)

The 10 Commandments monument on the grounds of the Haskell County Courthouse in Stigler was moved today to the local American Legion building. The U.S. Supreme court let stand a lower court ruling that the monument violated separation of church and state. A one year old boy is now in a Tulsa hospital being testing for meningitis. The child was moved from a hospital in Claremore but it is not yet clear if the case is related to an outbreak in the Oologah-Talala public schools. The Census forms are showing up in mail boxes across the state. The forms are very easy to fill out and tonight we sit down with an expert to show just how easy it really is. How open is local and state government? What steps have been taken to improve taxpayer's access to public records and public meetings? What else can be done? Questions we answer tonight in our special Sunshine Week series on openness in government.

Originally broadcast on March 17, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-16-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 16, 2010 (22:41)

Another student in the Oologah-Talala school district has developed meningitis. The teenage girl is the seventh case in the district. Two children have died and four others remain hospitalized. Another study is pointing to Oklahoma's pension plans as being seriously under-funded. The Institute for Truth in Accounting report shows the states budget has not been balanced for years because of the growing unfunded liability now approaching $15-billion. Why is the legislature exempt from the states Open Meetings and Open Records Acts? There is increasing sentiment at the state capitol for the exemption to be removed. An Oklahoma tele-communications company gets a big federal grant to expand broadband internet services into rural parts of Oklahoma and Kansas.

Originally broadcast on March 16, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-15-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 15, 2010 (22:49)

The Osage Nation is continuing to appeal a lawsuit that argues Osage County is really their reservation and so tribal members cannot be taxed by the state. Tulsa Hispanic leaders are urging voters to call lawmakers in opposition to house bill 3384 which would require school districts to track undocumented Hispanic children attending public schools. An author of two bills creating special task forces, to among other things look into health care reform, now says he will remove a provision that the panels work in secret. A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture is going to western Oklahoma to improve transportation options.

Originally broadcast on March 15, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-12-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 12, 2010 (22:58)

Two children are dead another is near death in a hospital and three others are hospitalized with more possible cases of meningitis under investigation in the Oologah-Talala School District. The Skiatook School Board has voted to fire Superintendent Gary Johnson following a state audit that showed over a half a million dollars in school funds wasted on overpriced janitorial and other supplies. A young Oklahoma woman has died from complications of the H1-N1 flu virus. 43 people have died from swine flu in the state. From scams to unclaimed refunds, we talk In-Depth with an IRS official as the tax deadline draws near.

Originally broadcast on March 12, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-11-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 11, 2010 (22:32)

Among the many bills being approved by lawmakers today, the House of Representatives approved a bill requiring both pre-martial and divorce counseling and eliminating “common-law marriages”. The Federal Reserve is warning Oklahomans to beware of new scams that target people who are in foreclosure proceedings or about to be. The scams offer ways to get out of foreclosure, for a fee. Devon Energy Corporation has sold off the last of its international assets to B-P. The deal carries a $7-billion price tag. B-P gets rights to 10 offshore exploration blocks in Brazil plus assets in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caspian Sea. In-Depth tonight, a discussion with Jimmy Wayne, a country music recording artist who is walking across America to draw attention to the needs of foster children who “age out” of the program.

Originally broadcast on March 11, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-10-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 10, 2010 (22:47)

The crush of bills facing the Oklahoma House and Senate likely means late night sessions for both bodies tonight. Thursday is the deadline for bills to leave their house of origin or they cannot be brought up again this session. Among the measures clearing the Senate so far today includes a proposal to restrict use of the so-called abortion pill RU 486. The latest unemployment numbers for the state are due out today. We talk In-Depth with the chief economist for the state Employment Security Commission about the latest figures. Hundreds of Oklahomans are discovering that new FEMA flood plain maps have placed property they own in an area that would require them to purchase flood insurance. Many of those new designations apparently were made improperly.

Originally broadcast on March 10, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/03-09-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 9, 2010 (22:39)

For the first time in more than a year, state revenues for last month exceeded the official estimate. However, in order to avoid increasing the10% budget cuts the state had to borrow nearly $85-million from cash reserves. The House has approved a bill that would make firearms, accessories and ammunition made and kept in the state, exempt from regulation by the federal government. A plan to bring grand prix auto racing to Oklahoma City has been approved by the city council. A 1.9 mile course around the Bricktown Entertainment District is being planned for the summer of 2011. In-Depth tonight we talk with an official of the Commerce Department who oversees a little known nutrition program aimed at senior citizens.

Originally broadcast on March 9, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-08-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 8, 2010 (22:07)

The Director of the CIA talked with students at the University of Oklahoma today about the work of his agency and the major challenges to the nationÂ’s security. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a suit from the Osage nation that claimed its reservation still exists and covers all of Osage County. With a deal in place to fund Senior Nutrition Centers after July 1st, we talk In-Depth tonight about what the impact has been on seniors across the state as many of them watched their nutrition centers shut down. The 1st Lady recently launched a nationwide program to get youngsters to lose weight and improve their physical condition. The ONR visits an elementary school to check out the free breakfast to see just what youngsters eat at the start of their school day.

Originally broadcast on March 8, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-05-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 5, 2010 (28:41)

Professors, publishers and students got together today at Tulsa Community College to look for ways to reduce the cost of college textbooks. The recession is being blamed for layoffs of 56 employees at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton. Those loosing their jobs include the hospitals chief operating officer. The national unemployment rate remained the same this month as last. Tonight we talk In-Depth with an expert on the job market about what is happening nationally and in Oklahoma to create new opportunities for employment. Looking back to help the state do better in the future. Oklahoma Horizon talks with Dr. Bob Blackburn.

Originally broadcast on March 5, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_03-04-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

March 4, 2010 (28:40)

With little opposition, the state Senate has approved a bill allowing public schools to offer an elective course on the Bible. In the first round of national competition for a share of the Race to the Top funding, Oklahoma did not make the finalist list. The Governor says the state will try again later this year. The Oklahoma House has approved a bill requiring mobile home parks to have a plan in place for residents to seek shelter during violent weather. School patrons in Skiatook, upset with their school board for not providing information on a purchasing scandal, have launched a petition drive for a grand jury investigation.

Originally broadcast on March 4, 2010