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Oklahoma News Report

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-11-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 11, 2010 (28:35)

Two people have died in Oklahoma from Monday’s tornados, many more were injured. Preliminary damage reports are well into the hundreds of millions of dollars and 56 counties are under a state of emergency. The state Senate finishes work on another anti-abortion bill, this one would require women to fill out a lengthy questionnaire. It now goes to the Governor’s desk. Oklahoma brought in more money last month for state government, so much that the state was able to pay back all but $44-million it borrowed from other state funds to keep budget cuts at 10%. 3,400 members of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team will deploy to Afghanistan next spring. Until then they will undergo training at three different military bases. Once on the ground, they will take part in counter insurgency operations. Moore Oklahoma food distributor Vaughn Foods is recalling romaine lettuce from the same Arizona farm that has already made students in three states ill. E.Coli contamination is blamed.

Originally broadcast on May 11, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_04-29-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

April 29, 2010 (28:39)

Originally broadcast on April 29, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_04-22-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

April 22, 2010 (28:40)

Originally broadcast on April 22, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-10-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 10, 2010 (28:42)

State Treasurer Scott Meacham is warning that a special legislative session may be needed if talks on the budget don’t soon produce results. Lawmakers are largely treading water now, waiting for budget figures to finish their work by the end of the month. A major weekend food drive will help, but food banks in the state are reporting a 40 to 80 percent increase in requests for food assistance, compared to a year ago. It appears a new funding source for the state’s Insure Oklahoma plan won’t be found this legislative session. That means the successful program will soon hit its cap of 35-thousand people. There’s an estimated 600,000 uninsured people in the state. Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Inhofe is the first member of the senate to voice his opposition to the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Sen. Inhofe says she lacks judicial experience. In-Depth tonight, a discussion with OETA Executive Director John McCarroll.

Originally broadcast on May 10, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-07-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 10, 2010 (28:39)

Governor Henry has signed into law, the Clean Air in Restaurants Act. It gives rebates to facilities that take out their smoking rooms. A group of O.U. Medical students chided lawmakers saying the bill falls far short of what is really needed. The story of a Langston University Professor who will be leaving the school, to run for the presidency of his home country, Liberia. Dr. Edmond Kloh has been in the U.S. for more than 30 years but says his calling has always been to improve the lives of his countrymen. While Times Square was cleared again today because of a suspicious package, Tulsa police were urging residents to remain vigilant and call authorities if they see something out of the ordinary. And we pay a visit to a Tulsa Pizza Parlor ranked in the top 20-percent of the best pizza makers in the world. A sampling of Andolini’s pizza tonight on the ONR.

Originally broadcast on May 10, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-06-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 6, 2010 (28:38)

The crash of a single engine airplane has injured one person near the Prague airport. What caused the crash is not yet known. Hundreds of Oklahomans with developmental disabilities worked the halls of the state Capitol today, telling lawmakers that more budget cuts will leave them homeless and put workers that provide services they need, on the unemployment line. Finding ways to help men and women coming out of the state prison system re-integrate effectively with society is the goal of a meeting today at the state Capitol. DOC officials along with groups from the faith-based community are discussing ongoing efforts in the face of mounting budget cuts. A Tulsan, who has an elementary school named after him, spends the day passing out free musical instruments to students. We visit with country music legend, Roy Clark.

Originally broadcast on May 6, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_04-13-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

April 13, 2010 (35:58)

Talk of creating an Oklahoma militia among Tea Party leaders and some state lawmakers.

Originally broadcast on April 13, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-05-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 5, 2010 (28:39)

The state Senate tried but fell short of mustering enough votes to over-ride the governor’s veto of a bill that would have exempted Oklahoma-made firearms and ammunition from federal regulation. A diverse coalition of people turned out at the capitol today to rally for solutions to the budget cuts that are coming to nursing homes, Medicaid and senior nutrition programs. House Democrats are urging passage of a moratorium on some of the states more than 450 tax credits as a way to raise money and avoid another round of major budget cuts. A group of doctors and health care workers is urging lawmakers to approve a bill that is designed to encourage more primary care physicians across the state. Tonight we talk In-Depth with an Oklahoman involved in the effort to stop the trafficking of humans.

Originally broadcast on May 5, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-03-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 3, 2010 (28:40)

An Oklahoma County District Court judge has signed a temporary restraining order, blocking enforcement of one of the states new anti-abortion laws. A hearing is planned for July concerning the future of the law that requires women to undergo an ultra-sound exam before the procedure is performed. A Senate budget panel has approved the elimination of a pair of investment tax credits designed to save the state an estimated $31-million. Oklahoma U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe has released his list of earmark requests. The spending plan totals more than $615-million. About two-thirds of that for defense contractors and military bases. We talk In-Depth tonight with the producer of the first feature film made by the Chickasaw Nation. The movie is the true life story of Eula “Pearl” Carter-Scott who was the youngest licensed female pilot in the nation in 1928.

Originally broadcast on May 3, 2010

http://video.oeta.tv/onr/ONR_05-04-10.flv Oklahoma News Report
Oklahoma News Report

May 4, 2010 (28:39)

It will now be up to the Governor to decide if it will be legal for people with permits to carry concealed weapons to also openly carry their weapons in public. The House gave the bill final legislative approval today. The Governor’s desk is also the last stop for a bill that would remove Oklahoma from the new federal health care law. The measure also authorizes the hiring of private lawyers to file suit against the federal government over the new law. Pressure is increasing on legislative leaders to find new income instead of relying on just budget cuts to keep state government functioning next fiscal year. Mental health advocates, school superintendents and child abuse services were all at the capitol today lobbying for reduced budget cuts. In-Business Today, from the Journal Record, talks are underway to convince Oklahoma City employee unions to take pay and benefit cuts to avoid up to 100 layoffs including some police and fire fighters.

Originally broadcast on May 4, 2010