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September, 2006
If you were a black freedman in 1866, fifty cents a day in pay and steady work was apparently an attractive deal in post Civil War America. And, it was time to tame the West.

This edition of the OETA's award-winning documentary series Stateline remembers and tells the story of those black fighters, who some call the forgotten heroes of the West. It's a story not always found when studying Oklahoma history.

Native Oklahomans are credited with the nickname "Buffalo Soldiers", as the hair of the black cavalrymen is said to have reminded the Indians of buffalo fur.

Six regiments of Buffalo Soldiers were formed, two of which were cavalry units, and it was those -- the 9th and 10th Cavalry Units - which had a great impact on Oklahoma.

It was Buffalo Soldiers who protected Indians from white settlers and white settlers from hostile Indians. It was Buffalo Soldiers reputed to be fierce fighters who also built forts, railroads, ran telegraph lines and mapped much of Oklahoma and Indian Territories. Many were eventually awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for various acts of heroism.

Stateline: Buffalo Soldiers will take viewers back into the past in order to recognize some of those who secured Oklahoma's future.

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