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Back in Time #301  “Cold War Target”


Far from the coast and deep within the country Oklahomans have believed they had more to fear from a storm than an invading army, but for the 45 years of the cold war, from 1947 to 1991, Oklahoma was high on the Soviet hit list, though few Oklahomans knew it at the time and fewer knew what the consequences would be if it came to blows.

OETA’s award winning documentary series Back in Time examines a dangerous period in our state’s history when bomber crews scrambled from the flight-line and every Oklahoman lived just twenty minutes away from annihilation.







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1504 "Worth the Gamble?"

Original Broadcast Date: 1/29/2014

  Stateline #1504 – “Worth the Gamble?”  - Airs February 6th @ 7pmAfter just eight years it’s hard for many to remember a time in when it was illegal to place a bet in Oklahoma. The s...