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Stateline Episode 1502  | Airs 9/05/13 | 7pm



Sleepless in Oklahoma

No one thinks they snore, but millions do. Snoring has always been treated as a joke. Today, doctors know snoring is a symptom of something very serious, Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea happens when muscles in the throat relax, limiting airflow and preventing deep, restful sleep. It’s a condition that puts patients at risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Every day in Oklahoma sleep clinics are treating a growing number of people who say no matter how much they sleep, they never feel rested. Most of the patients are children.

OETA’s award winning documentary series Stateline examines the treatments Oklahoma doctors are using to beat apnea without drugs, and giving rest to those who are Sleepless in Oklahoma.


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1504 "Worth the Gamble?"

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