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When the Oklahoma State Capitol was built in 1917, it was a modern showplace complete with indoor plumbing and electric lights. After 96 years of constant use the symbol of state pride is showing its age.

 The electrical system is a tangled mess of new and old wires with no indication of which lines are active. Modern computers are powered by antique bare copper wires installed during World War I. The old plumbing keeps the capitol staff chasing leaks and mopping floors. The cracked and broken pipe system carries ten times the amount of water for which it was designed, and just two cast iron lines carry wastewater out of the building. These are just some of the issues that are causing a major headache for those who try to maintain the structural integrity of the capitol building.

 OETA’s award winning documentary series Stateline takes a look behind the marble walls to examine the problems and the cost to repair our Crumbling Capitol.



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1504 "Worth the Gamble?"

Original Broadcast Date: 1/29/2014

  Stateline #1504 – “Worth the Gamble?”  - Airs February 6th @ 7pmAfter just eight years it’s hard for many to remember a time in when it was illegal to place a bet in Oklahoma. The s...