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Stateline Episode #1402 - 11/1/2012



As one of the most insidious hazards of nature drought can bring hardship in many ways.  In Oklahoma water equates life to farmers and ranchers. Trying to raise crops and livestock during a drought can be next to impossible.  However in Oklahoma we depend on our water for more than just sustaining life.  Our lakes and rivers supply power to hydroelectric dams across the state.  Water is essential to the 16 paper mills and the barge traffic that moves supplies for the oil and gas industry.  The lakes and rivers that supply these important businesses are also connected to fisheries and parks that help drive Oklahoma’s tourism industry.   This November Stateline will take a look at the drought that many are saying is one of the worst since the dust bowl.


Airing:  November 1st & 14th @ 7pm


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1504 "Worth the Gamble?"

Original Broadcast Date: 1/29/2014

  Stateline #1504 – “Worth the Gamble?”  - Airs February 6th @ 7pmAfter just eight years it’s hard for many to remember a time in when it was illegal to place a bet in Oklahoma. The s...