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“Paths to a Paycheck”

Educators and employers all over the world are aware of a fact that very few Oklahomans would ever suspect. Our state’s career tech system is one of the best in the world. Every year delegations from foreign countries and from other states visit Oklahoma to tour the campuses and unlock the secret to our state’s success.


An instructor at Francis Tuttle in Oklahoma City says “It’s not your Daddy’s Vo-Tech!”  Today, it is a comprehensive system that significantly contributes to the states' economic development and quality of life.


OETA’s award winning documentary series Stateline explores vocational training opportunities and looks into the lives of Oklahoma students who say college wasn’t a fit for them and so they have chosen a different “Path to a Paycheck.”

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1504 "Worth the Gamble?"

Original Broadcast Date: 1/29/2014

  Stateline #1504 – “Worth the Gamble?”  - Airs February 6th @ 7pmAfter just eight years it’s hard for many to remember a time in when it was illegal to place a bet in Oklahoma. The s...