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Stateline #1303 – “UCO-CSI”  
Television shows like “CSI,” “Criminal Minds” and “The Profiler” have inspired a wave of high school graduates to enter the fascinating field of forensic science.

Hundreds of forensic science programs have popped up on campuses across the country, but Oklahoma is home to one of the best.

Imagine taking an art class from Van Gogh, or learning to sing from Sinatra. At the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond forensic science students are doing just that. Classes in DNA analysis are taught by the former Director of the FBI's DNA laboratory, and other classes in crime scene investigation are taught by former FBI agents recognized as the best in their field.

In Hollywood investigators use high-tech gadgets to identify and cuff the criminals 60 minutes or less, on the UCO campus in Edmond forensic science students learn that catching the bad guys takes a lot more expertise and time.

OETA’s award winning documentary series Stateline takes a look into the study of crime scene investigation at UCO’s - CSI.”


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