Television engages children. Music, motion, bright colors, fun characters, and simple stories are what children's public television programs are made of - things that grab the attention of young children. Use the magic of public TV to spark your children's sense of curiosity and love of learning. Check out the resources below for tips on watching television with children.

Guidelines for Rating Children's Television

Smart TV—TV that teaches—is often intended to be content based: it is about “what” children need to learn. For instance, some programs teach children specific skills or topics like the letters of the alphabet or weather. But smart TV can also be process based—and this reflects “how” children learn. And, of course, many of the shows on PBS are a mixture of both!

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Choosing the Best for Your Children

All TV teaches young children something. Any program your child watches—whether Sesame Street or wrestling—teaches something but it is important to ask: what is it you want your children to learn?

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