Programming Nuggets

Written by Holly on Wednesday February 17, 2010

BWOETA's "Fesitval" pledge drive begins in less than two weeks! The dates are March 1st through March 21st. We have lots of new, exciting programs this year -- concerts with Michael Buble, Pat Boone, Chet Atkins and many more... a new Rick Steves program... and several new self-help programs. Good stuff!! More information on Festival coming soon.

New episodes of DOCTOR WHO begin on May 15th with "Voyage of the Damned," starring David Tennant and Kylie Minogue.

Many of you have heard about a program called FOR THE LOVE OF LIBERTY: THE STORY OF AMERICA'S BLACK PATRIOTS. This program isn't from PBS but rather American Public Television. We've recorded it but we haven't been able to schedule it yet. It consists of two 2-hour episodes. Let me tell you, finding a place for a 2-hour special is hard enough, but finding a place for four hours of non-PBS programming is really tough. If we preempt our regular programs like ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, WASHINGTON WEEK or LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE, viewers are understandably upset. Such is the difficulty of programming a public television station. We can't please everyone, but we'll keep trying!

FRONTLINE will be taking a look at the earthquake in Haiti and trying to find whether the chaos in the aftermath could have been avoided and how to do better in the future. That's coming March 30th.

A couple of new local series begin in April. TWO WHEEL OKLAHOMA features a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts who take viewers on two-wheel rides across our state. It begins April 4th on Sunday mornings. And on April 11th, COWBOYS IN TALL GRASS begins on Sunday evenings. This series brings alive Oklahoma's rich history with old photos, old film and gifted storytellers.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, MASTERPIECE presents "The Diary of Anne Frank." The clip I saw of this made me cry almost immediately.. and it wasn't even a sad part. It's just that well produced. You shouldn't miss it.

Shakespeare enthusiasts, get a pen and write this down... Wednesday, April 28th 7pm to 10:30pm... GREAT PERFORMANCES presents "Hamlet from the Royal Shakespeare Company." This edgy adaptation stars David Tennant (of DOCTOR WHO fame) as the tortured Danish prince and Patrick Stewart as Claudius. I can't wait!!