Watch OETA and Earn College Credit

Written by Holly on Friday January 22, 2010

Starting this Sunday, January 24, at 5 o'clock in the morning, OETA will begin airing the Spring Semester of Adult Learning Telecourses.

For many, many years.. (I'm not exactly sure how many, but at least as long as I've been here).. OETA has aired telecourses like this to help people who are enrolled in "Distance Learning" programs at colleges across the state. They enroll at a college, watch the programs that air on OETA and then take tests throughout the semester to earn college credit.

The telecourses are organized through Rose State College. For more information on enrolling and earning college credit, click here.

The telecourses will air Sunday through Saturday from 5am to 7am and will generally follow this pattern until the end of April:


Sundays:        5am - 6am     Exploring Society:  Introduction to Sociology

                        6am – 7am    Voices in Democracy

Mondays:       5am – 6am    Psychology:  The Human Experience

                        6am – 7am    Nutrition Pathways

Tuesdays:      5am – 6am    Introduction to Marketing

                        6am – 7am    Transforming America

Wednesdays:  5am – 6am   Advanced English Composition:  Research for Writers

                          6am – 7am   English Composition:  Writing for an Audience

Thursdays:     5am – 6am    Power of Place:  Geography for the 21st Century

                        6am – 7am    The Examined Life

Fridays:          5am – 6am     Journey to Health

                        6am–6:30am  Choices & Change:  Microeconomics

                        6:30am-7am   Our Families, Ourselves

Saturdays:      5am – 6am    Child Development:  Stepping Stones

                        6am – 7am    Taking the Lead