Where's the New DOCTOR WHO?

Written by Holly on Friday January 15, 2010

runawaybrideDOCTOR WHO fans probably noticed that we finished the 2006 season last week with "Doomsday." Tonight we'll have the Christmas special "Runaway Bride," which transitions into the 2007 season. 

In "Runaway Bride," a woman about to get married finds herself transported onto the TARDIS. The Doctor eventually learns that she is in some way linked to an alien plot to destroy the planet Earth. Will the Doctor save the girl (and the Earth) and take her back to her fiance? Or will he recruit her as his new travel companion? We'll see.

The 2007 season will begin next week with "Smith and Jones." We will continue airing the episodes in chronological order through the weeks, and by the time they've all aired once again, we will have secured the broadcast rights for the 2008 season. We estimate that to be in May.