Goodbye, New Yankee Workshop

Written by Holly on Saturday January 9, 2010

You may have noticed the absence of THE NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP last Saturday at 1pm. This is because the series is no longer in production and PBS has pulled it from the main PBS feed to stations.ask-this-old-house

In its place, we have ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, a question and answer series that takes the THIS OLD HOUSE team to viewer's doorsteps to help solve their home repair problems. This week, the crew dresses up an old fireplace and shows ways to improve the look of old baseboard radiators.

Don't fret, die hard NEW YANKEE fans! The companion Web site,, will continue to provide viewers the opportunity to get into the shop with project plans, DVDs, a Q&A section, and more. And for those of you who can get our OETA Create channel, the series will continue there for a while, but it is uncertain how long. (OETA does not choose the programming for OETA Create. We pay for a subscription to the "Create" feed.) 

In case you were wondering, Norm Abram isn't hanging up his toolbelt anytime soon. He will continue his work on the weekly series THIS OLD HOUSE.