An Extra Hour of OETA

Written by Holly on Saturday October 31, 2009

lightingdaylightsavingsDaylight saving time ends this Sunday, November 1 when we get our extra hour of morning "daylight" back. You could use that extra hour to sleep off your sugar high from all the Halloween candy, or you could watch an extra hour of OETA.

Here's how the time change will affect OETA's four channels...

OETA HD (Main)

At Midnight, we'll air MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY "Endgame" until 2am. Then we fall back and air the one-hour FRONTLINE "Close to Home". Then, when everything returns to normal at 2am, we'll air UNNATURAL CAUSES: IS INEQUALITY MAKING US SICK, followed by WASHINGTON WEEK, NOW ON PBS and BILL MOYERS JOURNAL.


TULSA TIMES and OKC METRO will air at 1am and 1:30am respectively. When we turn back the clock at 2am, we'll air TULSA TIMES and OKC METRO again. (You really should catch one of the broadcasts of OKC METRO this week. Gerry Bonds talks with Oklahoma's state epidemiologist, Dr. Kristy Bradley, about the flu season.) Then at 2am, we'll air the fantastic documentary MOORE'S STOP: AN HISTORICAL VIEW OF AN OKLAHOMA COMMUNITY.


At 1am, we have CAPRIAL AND JOHN'S KITCHEN: COOKING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS and BAKE DECORATE CELEBRATE!... And then those two episodes will air again when the clocks get set back to 1am. Then, at the "real" 2am, we'll air KATIE BROWN'S WORKSHOP.


We air kid-friendly programming in the overnight hours on the OETA Kids channel. Those programs are what will repeat. AMERICA'S HEARTLAND and FARMERS' ALMANAC TV will air in the 1am hour... and then again when the clocks roll back. Starting at 2am, GLOBE TREKKER takes viewers to the best "water treks" in Hawaii and Alaska.