I Am A Champion

Written by Holly on Saturday October 17, 2009

bowlingI am Jacob.
I am 16 years old.
I live in Stratford, Oklahoma.
I am an equestrian.
I am a Special Olympics athlete.

These are the opening lines of I AM A CHAMPION, a documentary chronicling three Oklahoma athletes as they prepare, train and ultimately compete in the 40th Annual Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games in 2009.

We'll hear each athlete in their own voice describe their background, goals, training regimen, who and what their competition is, as well as their reaction to the final outcome of their journey. We'll also hear from their families and coaches as they all work together in support of the efforts of these special people.

I AM A CHAMPION airs Sunday night at 9:30pm on OETA's Main channel. Watch for repeats on OETA Okla starting in November.