DOCTOR WHO... Going Back in Time

Written by Holly on Friday October 9, 2009

doctorwhoxmas2005DOCTOR WHO fans will notice that we're dusting off older episodes starting this Friday, October 9.

We currently own the broadcast rights to the 2006 and 2007 series. The 2007 series just began this last March and we've already aired them twice. We won't have the rights to the 2008 series yet and probably won't until early next year. So, while we wait, we're going to show the full 2006 and 2007 series again in order. And when those have finished, we hope to have the 2008 series ready to go. Good plan? We think so. 

Before we begin with the 2006 series, we're going to set the scene with "Christmas Invasion." This is first full episode in which David Tennant appears as the tenth Doctor. In this episode, a monstrous race called the Sycorax have kidnapped a space probe and only the Doctor can stop them. But how can Rose trust the Doctor with a new face?