Oka' - Chickasaw National Park

Written by Holly on Monday September 28, 2009

okaAt 9:15pm tonight, we will air a 12-minute short film called OKA'. It was produced by Oklahoma filmmaker Rick Thompson and focuses attention on the history of the unique freshwater and mineral springs in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Produced to accompany the Ken Burns television documentary THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA'S BEST IDEA, the film tells the story of the former Platt National Park. This high-definition film also showcases opportunities on the horizon for the Arbuckle region with the opening of the new Chickasaw Cultural Center in 2010.

OKA' will air four times tonight... 9:15pm, 11:45pm, 2:15am, 4:45am. If you would like to see it again after tonight, you have three options...

  1. Watch it online on here.  
  2. Tune in Friday night after the OETA MOVIE CLUB at 1:45am on our main channel.
  3. Tune in Tuesday night on OETA OKLA at 9:15pm.