The National Parks vs. Regular Program Schedule

Written by Holly on Sunday September 27, 2009

OldFaithfulIt will not go unnoticed that this is NATIONAL PARKS week on OETA. In fact, it's NATIONAL PARKS week on all of the PBS stations around the country. 

You will not miss any new episodes of your favorite programs. Everything has been put on hold while NATIONAL PARKS airs.

Sunday -- If you need to get your NATURE fix, a repeat episode can be seen Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 10am. ARE YOU BEING SERVED and KEEPING UP APPEARANCES are preempted, but they'll pick up where they left off next week.

Monday -- ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is preempted, but you can see a repeat episode on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 9am. LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE and WAITING FOR GOD are preempted, but they'll pick up again on Tuesday night.

Tuesday --  NOVA can be seen Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 11am.

Thursday -- PBS didn't feed THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR this week. You can see all new episodes started next Thursday.

Friday -- PBS isn't feeding WASHINGTON WEEK, NOW ON PBS or BILL MOYERS JOURNAL this week. RED GREEN and DOCTOR WHO will be back in their normal timeslots next week. No episodes will be skipped.

We hope that you're looking forward to NATIONAL PARKS and that you'll enjoy it. But in case you're frustrated that your usual programs aren't airing, just hang on. It's only one week.