Wild Chronicles' 4th Season

Written by Holly on Saturday September 12, 2009

Boyd20Matson20PLNThe fourth season of WILD CHRONICLES begins tonight! 

WILD CHRONICLES is a weekly magazine show produced by National Geographic and hosted by Boyd Matson, who is a 1969 graduate of Southern Nazarene University (then Bethany Nazarene College), majoring in Political Science. 

Airing Saturday nights at 6:30pm, WILD CHRONICLES focuses on the work of researchers and explorers in the field, cover natural history, science, conservation and environmental issues, adventure and culture. Each episode features the Crittercam, a research tool attached to animals that records video, audio and environmental data, providing an up-close look at animals' worlds from their perspective.

Tonight's episode, titled "Living with Us," opens the new season with a report from the Santa Monica Mountains BioBlitz, a 24-hour dash organized by the National Geographic Society and the National Park Service to find, identify and learn about as many plant and animal species in the park as possible; an up-close view of the miniature world of harvester ants; a look at a centuries-old agricultural tradition in Spain that protects livestock from predatory wolves; and a visit to a primate sanctuary in Florida where unwanted pet monkeys get a second lease on life.