RAGGS Winner from Tulsa

Written by Holly on Thursday September 10, 2009

raggs_prodAn OETA viewer was hand-picked as a winner in the first Raggs Rockin' Kids Search this summer. The RAGGS production crew received more than 1,000 entries from viewers across the country. Only 100 of them were given a free trip to Charlotte, NC to tape a RAGGS segment with Dumpster the Cat at the WTVI studios.

LydiaWe were all excited to hear that 7-year old Lydia from Tulsa was among the winners. Congratulations, Lydia!!

One of the most popular segments in RAGGS is when the kids sit down and chat with Dumpster. They discuss a variety of topics that ultimately contribute to the overarching theme of each episode. Dumpster is quick-witted and engaging when talking to the children and their candid replies are priceless.

When asked about her interview with Dumpster, Lydia said, "I tried to answer the questions to help little kids learn and he asked me 'what's acting?' I wanted to say 'you're acting, I'm acting, you're just a puppet Dumpster,' but I didn't because the kids watching the show think the cat was really a cat."

The winners of the Raggs Rockin' Kids Search were selected based on the following criteria: conversation, animation, and natural comfort in front of the camera, which I'm sure our Lydia has in spades! If you'd like more information about this contest or future contests, keep an eye on the RAGGS website.

RAGGS airs every day at 7:30am and 8:30pm on OETA KIDS. No word yet when Lydia's episode will air.