Garth Brooks on Legends & Lyrics

Written by Holly on Wednesday September 2, 2009

GarthbrooksTonight's headliners on LEGENDS & LYRICS are Ed Bruce, Gordon Kennedy and Angela Kaset. All fine performers, but I'm most looking forward to the "Legend" interview with Yukon's own Garth Brooks.

I adore Garth Brooks, and not just because I'm an Okie. His songs.. his voice.. his stage presence. It's all just so darn likeable. I was actually close enough to touch him once, but I didn't. Anyway, he remains the fastest-selling solo artist in music history. He sold in more than 100 million albums in just 10 years. He won numerous awards, some multiple times.

Tonight's theme of LEGENDS & LYRICS focuses on the blended genres of country and pop. Ed Bruce performs "The Last Cowboy Song," "Jesus Loved the Hell Out of Me" and "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys." Gordon Kennedy performs "I Can't Help You Now," "Change the World" and "You Move Me." Angela Kaset performs "I Didn't Know I Was Saying Goodbye," "Peace in This House" and "Something in Red."

Tonight's "Rising Star" performer is singer-songwriter Corinne Chapman.

Blame it all on your roots.... and join me tonight at 10pm for LEGENDS & LYRICS on OETA!