Happy Anniversary to Me!

Written by Holly on Sunday August 23, 2009

OETA_Building.jpgAs of today, I've been working for OETA for ten years. A whole decade! In those ten years, I've gotten married, had two kids and moved twice.

What else has changed?

-- We're now on the air 24/7. We used to turn off our transmitter at midnight.

-- Draft schedule grids are now typed in a Word document instead of Word Perfect.

-- "Masterpiece Theatre" has undergone three title changes. (Mobil Masterpiece Theatre > Exxonmobile Masterpiece Theatre > Masterpiece Theatre > Masterpiece)

-- National Geographic used to be a magazine that produced a series for PBS. Now it has its own cable channel and has mostly left PBS behind.

-- Oklahoma turned 100-years old and our Capitol building now has a dome, and OETA captured the celebrations for all to see.My_office

-- We're now broadcasting in beautiful high definition!

Things that have not changed include my desk chair, phone extension and most of my office supplies. No complaints, though! I love my office.

I hope I'm still here ten years from now. I look forward to looking back and waxing nostalgic about all of the changes that have happened since then.