Presidential News Conference

Written by Holly on Tuesday July 21, 2009

17660_logoPresident Obama will hold a primetime news conference tomorrow (Wednesday, July 22) at 7pm to discuss his healthcare reform plan.  PBS will present live coverage of the news conference as a "special report" of THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER.

We will carry the live coverage on OETA's main channel, preempting TIME TEAM AMERICA. If the news conference concludes in significantly less than an hour, THE NEWSHOUR may not fill to the top of the hour. We would then join TIME TEAM AMERICA in progress.

If you wish to see the full episode of TIME TEAM AMERICA, set your VCR/DVR for 4am next Monday morning on OETA's main channel. It will not be seen on OETA OKLA Thursday night because of our special presentation of "Walter Cronkite: Witness to History". It can also be seen online here.