Time Team America

Written by Holly on Monday July 6, 2009

Part extreme adventure, part hard science, and part reality show... TIME TEAM AMERICA is coming to OETA this Wednesday. Get ready to dig in!

In each one-hour episode of TIME TEAM AMERICA, the seven members of the team have just three days to uncover the buried secrets of their assigned dig.  They face searing heat, driving rain, alligator-infested swamps, frayed nerves and of course the inevitable technical setbacks. Through it all, the audience peers over the shoulders of the archaeologists at work, eavesdropping on intense conversations and sharing the rush of discovery.

What makes this five-part series even more exciting is that one member of the team is an Oklahoman!

Time_Team_America_-_JoeDr. Joe Watkins is currently the Director of the Native American Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma. He is a Choctaw Indian and one only a small group of American Indians with a PhD. in Archaeology. He's pictured here examining a toy papoose found at Range Creek, Utah.

 As a young boy growing up in southeastern Oklahoma, Joe found a two thousand year old stone projectile point while walking in the woods. Joe's grandmother, who spoke only native Choctaw, told him it "belonged to the people before our people."  Immediately enthralled by that discovery, Joe found his passion, and since then has logged more than forty years of archaeological experience.

 TIME TEAM AMERICA airs on Wednesdays through July at 7pm.