A Capitol Fourth via Twitter

Written by Holly on Sunday July 5, 2009

I'm not much of a Twitterer. But if I was, the following would be my updates from last night's A CAPITOL FOURTH.

HollyOETA  One Moment Please? Uh oh, the "trouble" slide. We must be having technical difficulty due to the storms.
7:01pm July 4
HollyOETA  And we're back! Just in time for Barry Manilow's "It's a Miracle." Indeed, it is a miracle!
7:09pm July 4
100_0708aHollyOETA  My son makes up some funky new dance moves to Copacabana. Barry Manilow's music speaks to every generation.
7:17pm July 4
HollyOETA  Those are some lucky ladies dancing with Barry in the audience. The younger ones might have no idea just how lucky they are!
7:19pm July 4
HollyOETA  I changed my baby's diaper and almost missed the president speak!
7:23pm July 4
HollyOETA  Big Bird quotes Victor Borge. Where else can you find this kind of stuff? Only on PBS.
7:25pm July 4
HollyOETA  I didn't know Natasha Bedingfield was British. You see, this IS educational television!
7:32pm July 4
HollyOETA  That eight-year old girl in the audience knows the words to "It's a Grand Old Flag" better than I do. I'm so ashamed!
7:36pm July 4
HollyOETA  My baby likes the Jersey Boys. Or maybe she just likes that her mommy and daddy are dancing around and singing to her.
7:40pm July 4
HollyOETA  I pointed out the far-off fireworks on the TV to try appeasing my five-year old. It didn't work. The kid wants close-up big booms!
7:52pm July 4
HollyOETA  Michael Feinstein and Andrew von Oeyen are so intense! But I guess it's not easy playing a duet in front of the whole nation.
7:55pm July 4
HollyOETA  Woah! Andrew von Oeyen must be 7 feet tall!
7:57pm July 4
HollyOETA  Jimmy Smits makes a wardrobe change. He looks great. I like that he's not wearing a tie.
7:58pm July 4
HollyOETA  Go, Aretha, go!  I r-e-s-p-e-c-t you!
8:01pm July 4
HollyOETA  Big ups to the Lighting Director, having to light the U.S. Capitol Building AND Barry Manilow. Now that's pressure! But he did a great job!
8:08pm July 4
HollyOETA  Fireworks begin! Better get the five-year old in the room.
8:12pm July 4
HollyOETA  The 1812 Overture! My favorite! The cannons are timed a lot better than some other performances I've seen.
8:14pm July 4
HollyOETA  Who knew a cannon could make a smoke ring?
8:17pm July 4
HollyOETA  The wind is just perfect. It keeps the flags moving, but doesn't mess up the fireworks. What a perfect night!
8:18pm July 4
HollyOETA  I've learned my lesson about giving my five-year old some of my Mt. Dew. He's pretending to be a firework.
8:20pm July 4
HollyOETA  Drummer hits himself in the head with his mallet. I wonder if anyone else saw that. He still hits a drum 100 times better than I could.
8:22pm July 4
HollyOETA  What a finale!! I have goosebumps all over my body. Such a perfect celebration of this great country! Thanks PBS!
8:28pm July 4