Do It Yourself TV

Written by Holly on Monday June 29, 2009

We're celebrating the tinkerers, tweakers and hackers among us with a new weekly TV series called MAKE:.

_T4K9569You might recognize the name from the MAKE: Magazine popular with the inventor crowd. Much like the magazine, the television series is dedicated to "makers" and their insatiable desire to make something out of something else.

Last week's episode explained how to turn an old VCR into an automated cat feeder. Tonight we'll learn how to build a Burrito Blaster (pictured) that will launch hotdogs and other stadium fare high into the bleachers. Future projects include how to make a Steadicam, DTV antenna, wind generator and heat ray. Cool!

The inventions and alterations featured in the show go beyond their specific purposes. MAKE: is about inspiring artists, geeks and viewers of all walks of life to invent, re-invent and recycle.

MAKE: airs most Monday nights at 10pm.