"Elegant Cookies" on Everyday Baking

Written by Holly on Thursday June 25, 2009

host_picCookies come in all different shapes, sizes and flavors... Kind of like cooking shows. There are fancy shows with elaborate backdrops and hard-to-pronounce recipes. And then there are shows with down-home cooking and slapstick hosts. EVERYDAY BAKING falls comfortably in the middle.

Host John Carricelli uses recipes from Everyday Food Magazine to teach viewers how to make bakery-quality desserts without too much fuss.

100_0643I took a peek at the recipes that will be featured in this Saturday's episode "Elegant Cookies" and was taken by the Chocolate-Espresso Snowcaps. They looked exactly like cookies my mom makes every year at Christmas. So, I made a batch of them last night (pictured) and, as promised by the show's premise, they were super easy. But how did they taste?

Here's what some of the OETA staff thought...

The size is excellent, the texture is perfect, the blend of chocolate and espresso is equally balanced. Yummy for my tummy. -- Jenelle, Human Resources

I don't like Espresso or anything coffee flavored, but... I was very surprised that the Espresso flavor wasn't overpowering... For someone who wants to taste the Espresso, they might be disappointed.  -- Tanya, Executive Assistant

Just on looks alone, I would not pick out this cookie if I had another choice, it's "funny" looking... I was very surprised when I tasted this cookie...I love it!  It's very chewy and not overly sweet...which I would have guessed it would be overly sweet but it's not. -- Janette, Traffic and Operations

I am not a coffee/espresso fan... I really couldn't taste it while eating. After I had finished, I could taste a little "tang' of the espresso, but it wouldn't discourage me from eating the cookie! -- Rebecca, Administrative Assistant

I think they are balanced.  Not too chocolate and not too much coffee.  For a person who does not like very sweet cookies, this is the one.  The cookies is a very nice texture and too me just the right softeness. -- Natalie, Certified Procurement Officer

I like them.  I don't drink coffee and really like the cookie.  I can't even really taste the coffee in them, all I taste is the chocolate, which I love!  Very yummy!  -- Cindy, Accounting

At first, I was hesitant... due to the powdered sugar, which normally makes me sneeze. I tried one and LOVED IT!  The powdered sugar adds a touch of sweetness to balance the deep chocolate espresso. -- Traci, OETA Foundation

First of all, I thought the cookie was delicious! Great texture; just the right amount of "chewy-ness." I got the "espresso hit" on the second bite, more than the first, which is fine by me. -- Debra, Producer/Director

Other "elegant" cookies featured in this Saturday's episode are Lemon Sandwich CookiesPecan Lace Cookies and Cherry Pecan Meringues.

EVERYDAY BAKING airs Saturday mornings at 10am.