Science and Song

Written by Holly on Tuesday June 23, 2009

Music_Instinct-Heartbeat_04.11.08_147_1Remember that song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" from somewhere back in the 80s? Bobby McFerrin used his voice, lips, mouth and chest to create a variety of sounds, all of which came together to make a delightful little ditty. The lyrics annoyed me, but I was fascinated by the complexity of the song.

Tomorrow night's documentary THE MUSIC INSTINCT: SCIENCE AND SONG looks at why humans are so moved by music. We'll hear from neuroscientists as they discuss the brain's connection to music and how music can begin to heal damaged parts of the brain. There's even new evidence that music can actually alter the physical structure of the brain.

Did you hear me? It can change the shape of the brain!

And for those who aren't there for the science, the program includes performances in genres from rock to classical, including Bobby McFerrin "singing" a duet with his son, Taylor. Fortunately, this one has no lyrics.

THE MUSIC INSTINCT: SCIENCE AND SONG airs Wednesday night at 8pm.