The History Detectives are Back!

Written by Holly on Thursday June 18, 2009

If you put Antiques Roadshow, C.S.I. and Mythbusters in a blender, you'd get something pretty close to History Detectives.history_detectives

Here's how the show works... A person has an historical object and a story that's been passed down with it, and they call on one of the "History Detectives" to find out if the story is true.  In their research, the detectives use resources that are available almost anyone... libraries, museums, experts and archives. In the end, they find out the real history behind the object.

A few of the questions they'll try to answer in Season 7:

  • Did John Wilkes Booth's father once threaten to kill President Andrew Jackson?
  • Did Thomas Edison build a device for communicating with the dead?
  • Why were tiny babies exhibited at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair?
  • Was a gun handed down through two generations of prominent Chicago families used by Al Capone's gang during the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
  • Why did President Millard Fillmore pardon an unknown Indian convicted of murdering a St. Louis trader?

HISTORY DETECTIVES has come to Oklahoma at least four times in doing their research, and I want them to come back. Not only is it interesting to learn about Oklahoma's history, but it's exciting to think I might run in to one of them at the airport or the mall. I actually did see detective Wes Cowan (pictured, top right) at a restaurant at one of the PBS conferences, but I was too star struck to say anything. All I remember is that he ate a salad and was very polite to his waitress.

Let's try to get HISTORY DETECTIVES to visit Oklahoma again. If you have an object that might have played a role in American history, submit your story here.

Season 7 of HISTORY DETECTIVES starts this Monday, June 22nd at 8pm.