Doctor Who Explainer

Written by Holly on Thursday June 11, 2009

Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 1If you are a hard core DOCTOR WHO fan, then I don't need to tell you everything that I'm about to tell you. But if you're like my husband who only watches DOCTOR WHO every so often, then you'll appreciate the following explanation...

The current incarnation of DOCTOR WHO is Series 3 of the revival of the original British program. (OETA also aired Series 1 and 2 as soon as they became available on this side of the pond.)

Last week was the final episode in Series 3, "Last of the Time Lords." The character known as The Master conquered the Earth and held the aged Doctor prisoner. It was up to Martha Jones to carry out the Doctor's plan and save the universe. She did and then she left the Doctor to go back to her family and to get her medical degree. Once again, the Doctor is all alone.

So, now what? OETA doesn't have the broadcast rights to Series 4, and we probably won't have them until the spring of 2010. So, we're starting from the beginning of Series 3 for viewers who may have missed some of the new episodes.

Tonight's episode is called "The Runaway Bride", and it aired originally in the UK as a Christmas special. It picks up where Series 2 ends right after the Doctor says goodbye to Rose Tyler.

 A sidenote to all David Tennant fans (and who isn't?!?)... Mr. Tennant has been chosen as the new host of MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY starting this October. Other than getting used to a new Doctor, what does this mean? It promotes Tennant from a cool sci-fi guy to a sophisticated gentleman who will be seen on many more American TV sets than if he held onto his Doctor role forever.