Programming Notes 9/27 to 10/03

Written by Holly on Friday September 27, 2013

Friday, September 27

7pm                  ONR -- Human trafficking crimes are on the rise in Oklahoma as technology helps predators attract their victims… In a Newsmaker Interview, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn says debate over the Affordable Care Act is interfering with dealing with government funding and the national debt… Open enrollment for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act begins on October 1.  In an ONR Extra, we go to an Oklahoma Watch health care forum to learn more about the process… The Hispanic community gives new life to an old property through a celebration of culture… As Oklahoma enters its secondary severe storm season, we visit the National Weather Center… KOSU Radio opens a new facility with an artistic nod to vinyl records… And, M. Scott Carter of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

GREAT PERFORMANCES “The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part 1” – This is the second of four adaptations of Shakespeare’s history plays. These are broadcast in their entirety during the overnight hours on Main Friday nights/Saturday mornings. They air on OKLA during prime time on Friday nights at 8pm. They are also viewable online after their premiere date.


Saturday, September 28

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP discusses fall hay meadow management and its impact on cattle nutrition. Also: Mesonet weather, wheat prices, prussic acid poisoning in cattle, USDA Cattle on Feed report, one-on-one with the director of the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, benefits of probiotics and highlights from the Tulsa State Fair.


Sunday, September 29

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Health Care” -- We discuss the Affordable Care Act and Insure Oklahoma with: Nico Gomez, Chief Executive Officer, Oklahoma Health Care Authority… Matt Ball, Oklahoma Director, Americans for Prosperity… Andrew Rice, former state senator and Executive Director, Variety Care Foundation… Katherine Schierman, M.D., State Director, Doctors for America

1pm                  CURRENT CONVERSATIONS – This program was produced at OU and preempts MCLAUGHLIN GROUP and RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY this week. This is the second time we’ve preempted MCLAUGHLIN and RELIGION, but they will return next week. In the meantime, this week’s episode can be seen tonight in prime time on OKLA and online.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Foyle’s War: Sunflower” – This is the final this round of Foyle’s War. Next week starts “Suspicion.” The first episode will be 2 hours. Then they go to one hour each week, followed by “Downton Abbey” Season 2 at 9pm. Squeeeee!


Monday, September 30

8pm                  GENEALOGY ROADSHOW “Detroit” – This is the second of four episodes. People are curious how to be a part of this program. We haven’t been given any information about that.

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” -- This film follows the real life rock 'n' roll fairy tale of Filipino Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the front man for iconic American rock band Journey. In this Cinderella story for the ages, Arnel, having overcome a lifetime's worth of hardships, must now navigate the immense pressures of replacing a legendary singer and leading a world-renowned band on their most extensive world tour in years.


Tuesday, October 1

7pm                  LATINO AMERICANS #105 – This is the final two-hour episode. Labor leaders organize farm workers in California and activists push for education opportunities.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown” -- The crisis inside the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex after the 2011 tsunami is investigated.

10pm                WHO CARES ABOUT KELSEY? -- A high school student transforms from a disruptive "problem student" to a motivated young woman.


Wednesday, October 2

8pm                  NOVA “Inside the Megastorm” -- Experts, scientists and survivors discuss of Hurricane Sandy and the future of storm protection.

9pm                  QUEST FOR THE LOST MAYA -- This program explores archaeological evidence of a previously unknown Mayan society based in the Yucatan Penisula of southern Mexico. The film surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the "preclassic era" of the Maya (800-700BC) as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900s AD.

10pm                VOCES ON PBS “Tales of the Masked Men” -- Explore "lucha libre" and its role in Latino communities in the United States and Mexico. Part circus and part athletic contest, the sport, famous for its masked wrestlers, provides a sense of "home" for new immigrants in the United States. It also continues to expand and build on its unique cultural tradition in countries where it enjoys enduring popularity. Simultaneously, lucha libre is contributing a lasting cultural idiom to America's pop culture landscape.


Thursday, October 3 

7pm                  STATELINE #1501 “Storm Center” -- Looks at the professionals that forecast severe weather in Oklahoma and explores revolutionary new equipment coming in the future. Their forecasting abilities save thousands of lives during tornado season. (Original broadcast 7/11/13) This is the only time this episode is airing this month. The premiere of “Frightseeing in Oklahoma” airs October 17th and repeats Halloween night.

8pm                  GLOBE TREKKER “Route 66 & Beyond” – This is a repeat of the Season 12 premiere. No new GLOBE TREKKER episodes until November 7th.

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Blood is Thicker” -- Graham Orchard, a Salvation Army member, arrives in Portwenn to try to trace a missing woman.

10pm                CALL THE MIDWIFE Season Two encores are winding to a close. Only two more episodes after tonight. Then we’ll go back to Henry VIII’s castle!