Programming Notes 8/16 to 8/22

Written by Holly on Friday August 16, 2013

Friday, August 16

7pm                  ONR -- Oklahoma’s acclaimed Pre-Kindergarten program prepares youngsters for learning, but testing shows they lose their advantage in reading by 4th Grade... While some rural Oklahoma cities are booming, others are seeing their economies falter and their populations dwindle… Newcastle High School takes a proactive approach to dealing with football-related head injuries… Governor Mary Fallin calls legislators to the Capitol for a Special Session to fix a series of laws found unconstitutional.  We discuss with Shawn Ashley of eCapitol… The Department of Transportation studies creating a passenger rail line between Oklahoma City and Tulsa… In a Newsmaker Interview, Director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Darrell Weaver, discusses a change in national drug enforcement policy… Kidney disease is the ninth-leading cause of death in the United States. We look at what is being done to prevent the disease and deal with its effects, including fighting the obesity epidemic in Oklahoma… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.


Saturday, August 17

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP discusses cattle inventories, recent rainfall and marketing to the next generation of beef consumers at the 2013 Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Annual Convention and Trade Show. Also: livestock and grain market analysis, Mesonet weather, fall calving season, sorghum field day, prescribed burning and identifying native grasses.

9pm                  OETA MOVIE CLUB “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” – The audio is out of sync at some parts of the film because it was over-dubbed in post-production, as was standard practice in Italian films of this period.


Sunday, August 18

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Oklahoma Films” -- We discuss recent films shot in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma film industry with:  Brian Hearn, Film Curator, Oklahoma City Museum of Art… Clifton Raphael, Film Instructor, Jenks Public Schools… Xavier Neira, Tourism Commissioner and Chair, deadCENTER Film Festival… Gray Frederickson, Film Instructor, Oklahoma City Community College and Academy Award-winning movie producer

7pm                  CHURCHILL (Part 1 of 3) -- Sir Ian McKellen narrates this documentary, which explores many of the myths that surround the Churchill legend, revealing the complexity of the real man who was soldier, adventurer, politician, author and arguably the greatest Englishman of the 20th century. Parts 2 and 3 will air the next two Sunday nights at 7pm.

8pm                  THE LADY VANISHES: MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! -- A young socialite suspects foul play when a young woman inexplicably disappears from a train.

9:30pm             ARCHITECT MICHAEL GRAVES: A GRAND TOUR – For many, the name Michael Graves is synonymous with the "whistling bird" Alessi teakettle and an array of affordably stylish household products bearing the Graves Design imprint at Target stores. But Graves is also a renowned architect who transformed America's built environment with buildings in the 1980s that took a whimsical approach to classical forms. In early 2003, in the midst of his successful career, a mysterious and potentially fatal illness left him partially paralyzed. Graves survived after undergoing years of painful rehab, but his ordeal opened an unexpected new chapter in his illustrious career -- designing hospital furniture and homes for wounded war veterans. His goal is to transform traditionally cold institutions into environments that promote healing.


Monday, August 19

9pm                  POV “The Law in These Parts” -- The system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 is examined.


Tuesday, August 20

7pm - 10pm      LIFE OF MUHAMMAD -- This series charts the extraordinary story of a man who, in little more than 20 years, changed the world forever. In a journey that is both literal and historical, host Rageh Omaar travels to the place of Muhammad's birth to retrace the actual footsteps of the Prophet, from his humble beginnings in Mecca to his struggles with accepting his Prophetic role; from his flight to Medina and the founding of the first Islamic constitution to his subsequent military and political successes and failures -- through to his death and his legacy.

10pm                VIDEO LETTERS FROM PRISON – Embark on a journey of transformation as three sisters from the Pine Ridge Reservation reconnect with their incarcerated father via a series of video letters. The Poor Bear girls are not sure they even want to connect--but their mother, Cindy, helps them overcome reluctance and hurt.


Wednesday, August 21

7pm                  NATURE “Birds of the Gods” -- Scientists undertake a grueling expedition to film the elusive birds in the New Guinean Rainforest.

8pm                  NOVA “Making Stuff Stronger” -- High tech material such as fuel cells, solar panels and quantum computers are shaping the future.

9pm                  NOVA “Making Stuff Smaller” -- Explore quantum computers, carbon nanotubes, ultra-light automobiles and other high tech materials.

10pm                SHORE THINGS – A look at America's vacation-at- the-beach culture mixes historical facts with quirky observations.


Thursday, August 22

7pm                  JUDY WOODRUFF: ON THE RECORD – Dick Pryor talks to Judy Woodruff, anchor of PBS Newshour and Tulsa native.

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Sh*t Happens” -- Dr. Martin announces on his new radio show that there is something dangerous in the public pool.

10pm                CALL THE MIDWIFE #202 -- We’re airing the second season in this timeslot for the next several weeks.