Programming Notes 7/19 to 7/25

Written by Holly on Friday July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19

7pm                  ONR -- Economists and a think tank warn a slowing Oklahoma economy may mean more budget cuts ahead… The Brady Arts District is the heart of downtown redevelopment in Tulsa.  But, controversy has arisen over the name of the area, taken from one of Tulsa’s founding fathers… Angelina Jolie used genetic testing to decide how to manager her high risk for breast cancer.  Now, other patients want testing, too… While construction crews renovate areas of the state Capitol, a legal challenge threatens to delay repair of the building’s critical infrastructure problems… In a Newsmaker Interview, two state senators discuss Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” law. We remember television pioneer and OETA Station Manager Bill Thrash… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.


Saturday, July 20

8pm                  STATELINE One Hour Special “Oklahoma’s Television Pioneers” – This replaces TV PIONEERS “Superheroes” tonight to honor Bill Thrash. We had several people call who missed our special broadcast on Monday evening. We will put TV PIONEERS “Superheroes” back in the schedule at a later date.


Sunday, July 21

8pm                  MASTERPIECE “Endeavor: Rocket” -- A royal visit to a family-owned munitions factory ends with murder and Morse must find the culprit.

9:30pm             SIDELINED: CONCUSSIONS IN SPORTS -- Meet high school athletes and former NFL players struggling to recover from concussions.

VICAR OF DIBLEY expired at the end of June. AS TIME GOES BY will take its place in the month of July. And then DOC MARTIN fills the 11pm timeslot starting in August.


Monday, July 22

9:30pm             POV “High Tech, Low Life” -- Follows two of China's first citizen-reporters as they document the underside of the country's rapid economic development. A search for truth and fame inspires young vegetable seller "Zola" to report on censored news stories from the cities, while retired businessman "Tiger Temple" makes sense of the past by chronicling the struggles of rural villagers. Land grabs, pollution, rising poverty, local corruption and the growing willingness of ordinary people to speak out are grist for these two bloggers who navigate China's evolving censorship regulations and challenge the boundaries of free speech.


Tuesday, July 23

7pm                  BUDDHA -- Explore the life of the Buddha, whose ideas generated Buddhism in northern India 2,500 years ago.

9pm                  SECRETS OF THE DEAD “Bones of Buddha” – Doubt and scandal hang over a British landowner's discovery of the bones of Lord Buddha in 1898.

10pm                BRIDGE THE GAP TO PINE RIDGE --  The host visits Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to explore the often forgotten culture of the Oglala Lakota Native Americans. While there, he embarks on a life-changing buffalo harvest, gets "schooled" by the girls basketball team, visits with a 14-year-old girl who has devoted her life to suicide prevention and finds himself shoulder deep up a cow's backside while trying to better understand employment issues on the "Rez." With humor and pathos, he uncovers stories of hope and learns how culture has prevailed in the face of adversity.


Wednesday, July 24

7pm                  NATURE “Siberian Tiger Quest” – Season 30 premiere! Chris Morgan attempts to find a Siberian tiger living wild in Russia's far eastern forests.

8pm                  NOVA “3D Spies of WWII” – The untold story of the Allied air photo intelligence that played a vital role in defeating Hitler.

9pm                  NAZI MEGA WEAPONS -- The Nazis built massive, impenetrable concrete submarine pens for their lethal U-boat submarines.

10pm                Maggie's War: A True Story of Courage, Leadership and Valor in World War II -- James Megellas, a fearless World War II platoon leader, returns to Europe to visit battlefields.


Thursday, July 25

7pm                  STATELINE #1501 “Storm Center” – According to the article in the Odyssey, this episode of STATELINE looks into the creative mix of federal and state agencies and students that make up Norman’s Storm Center. (OB: 7/11/13)

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Going Bodmin” – Last week was the final episode that we have. There are no more available. Season 6 might start airing in the UK later this year, but they won’t be available to us for many months after that. So, let’s enjoy what we have for now. Starting in August, DOC MARTIN will air on Sundays at 11pm in addition to Thursdays at 9pm (And Saturdays at 8pm on OKLA).

9:45pm             DOGS OF LEXINGTON – An up-close glimpse behind prison walls of a world-class dog-training prison program at the Lexington correctional facility. This is a local production.

10:30pm           SHE WROTE ‘MY FRIEND FLICKA’ -- Discover where Mary O'Hara got the ideas that helped her write the famous story "My Friend Flicka."