Programming Notes 6/21 to 6/27

Written by Holly on Friday June 21, 2013

Friday, June 21

7pm                  ONR -- The wheat harvest is heading north across Oklahoma, but the prospects this year are not promising… We examine the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Tarrant Regional Water District case on the future of water rights disputes in Oklahoma… Company towns have long been a driving force in America’s economy.  But, is it dying concept as the state’s business and commerce changes?... The new farm bill heads for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE “Memphis Soul” -- The memorable soul sounds of Al Green, Mavis Staples, Otis Redding and more artists are honored.


Saturday, June 22

9pm                  OETA MOVIE CLUB “I Want to Live” – Tells the fictional story of a woman who convicted of a murder and execution. Starring Susan Hayward and Simon Oakland.


Sunday, June 23

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM -- “Invisible Eve” -- We discuss a new book about women in prison in Oklahoma, “Invisible Eve,” and the effects of Oklahoma high rate of female incarceration with guests: Yousef Khanfar, Photographer, “Invisible Eve”… Susan Sharp, Ph.D., Presidential Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Oklahoma 

7pm                  Royal Memories: Prince Charles' Tribute to the Queen -- Prince Charles leads a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth, featuring exclusive footage and photos.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Inspector Lewis, Series VI: The Ramblin’ Boy” -- The discovery of an elderly man's body in a field leads Lewis to investigate a funeral home.

9:30pm             PEARL SCOTT CARTER: ON TOP OF THE WORLD – The youngest licensed American pilot ever, Pearl Carter Scott from Marlowe, Oklahoma and friend of Wiley Post is profiled.


Monday, June 24

9pm                  POV “Homegoings” -- The beauty and grace of African American funerals are explored from a historic Harlem neighborhood.


Tuesday, June 25

7pm                  HENRY FORD: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE -- Henry Ford's car transformed the lives of millions and his assembly line changed modern industry.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Rape in the Fields” -- Sexual assaults of immigrant women working in America's fields and packing plants are investigated.

10pm                THE GROVE -- The National AIDS Memorial is a seven-acre grove hidden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.


Wednesday, June 26

8pm                  NOVA “Earth From Space” -- NOVA takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms it into dazzling visual sequences.

10pm                APOLLO 17: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE LAST MEN ON THE MOON -- Recounts the historic voyage of the final moon landing that occurred in December of 1972.


Thursday, June 27

7pm                  GALLERY #1307 “From the Vine” and “Shaping Life” --  From the Vine: John Hernandez is a modern day artist who is carrying on an artistic tradition that is 10,000 years old. Join Gallery in June as we take you to Lawton to meet a man who can turn a common gourd into an uncommon work of art with paint, pine needles and passion. Shaping Life: Art is the fusion of one's experience, the elements of design and quality materials. All of this is driven by the creative idea and craftsmanship. Glen Thomas began drawing when he was four and does not show signs of tiring of this activity. 

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Don’t Let Go” -- Joe Penhale is desperate to keep his ex-wife Maggie. Tension is mounting between Louisa and Martin.