Programming Notes 4/05 to 4/11

Written by Holly on Friday April 5, 2013

Friday, April 5

7pm                  ONR -- Lawmakers and members of the dental profession look for ways to insure safety for patients after a Tulsa dentist is accused of exposing his patients with HIV and hepatitis...  Workers Compensation is one of the biggest issues this year in the Oklahoma legislature.  After several weeks of work, the House and Senate are still trying to reconcile competing versions of a bill to overhaul the state’s system… Women are small in number in the Oklahoma legislature, but they bring a different perspective when it comes to governing… A museum in Lawton keeps alive the memories of the Comanche Code Talkers from World War II… Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw remembers the Oklahoma City bombing… We discuss the latest news from the state capitol with Shawn Ashley of eCapitol… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  PAUL SIMON: LIVE AT WEBSTER HALL, NEW YORK – The singer/songwriter performs "Kodachrome," "Slip Slidin' Away" and more in this intimate concert. This program was created as a pledge program, so the video might not be available for standard purchase.


Saturday, April 6

7:30am             SUNUP -- 4-H members from Oklahoma visit with legislators at the state capitol. Plus: Hughes County youth livestock feed out program; grain and cattle market analysis; Mesonet weather; oil filter marking; early calf weaning; OSU Community Field Day; and the 2012 national champion OSU Livestock Judging Team.

10am                MARTHA STEWART’S COOKING SCHOOL – The second season begins today. We’ll start a new BBQ series in June.

8pm                  MICHAEL FEINSTEIN’S AMERICAN SONGBOOK “Showtunes” – This is the first episode of the third season of this series. There are three episodes. “Let’s Dance” and “On the Air” will air the next two Saturdays at 8pm.


Sunday, April 7

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “House of Representatives Leadership” -- We discuss the latest news from the Capitol with leaders in the Oklahoma House of Representatives: Rep. Mike Jackson, Speaker Pro Tempore (R) Enid… and Rep. Scott Inman, House Minority Leader (D) Del City

1:30pm             OKLAHOMA CAPITOL CONNECTION -- Supt. Janet Barresi - State School Superintendent... and... Rep. Todd Thomsen (R) District 25 - Majority Whip

7pm                  CALL THE MIDWIFE #202 – Second episode of the new season. If you missed the first one, go here to see it plus all of Season 1! 

8pm                  MASTERPIECE CLASSIC “Mr. Selfridge” – Second episode of this new 8-part miniseries. If you missed the first episode, go here to view it online. The episodes will be only one hour in length until the finale on 5/19, which will be 90min in length.

9pm                  DEFIENT REQUIEM: VOICES OF RESISTANCE – In the face of horrific living conditions, starvation and the threat of deportation to Auschwitz, the Jewish inmates of Terezin concentration camp - artists, musicians, poets and writers - fought back ... with art and music. Led by conductor Raphael Schachter, they re-imagined a Catholic liturgical work, Verdi's Requiem, as a condemnation of the Nazis. Ultimately, they performed for Nazi brass, singing what they dared not say. Six decades later, conductor Murry Sidlin and a new choir take Verdi's Requiem back to Terezin and bring the story of Raphael Schachter's artistic uprising back to life. (90min)

ARE YOU BEING SERVED is preempted this week and next. It will pick back up on 4/21 where it left off.


Monday, April 8

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “The House I Live in/As I Am” -- The House I Live In": As America remains embroiled in overseas conflicts, a less visible war is taking place at home, costing countless lives, destroying families and inflicting untold damage on future generations of Americans. For over 40 years, the War on Drugs has accounted for 45 million arrests, made America the world's largest jailer and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet for all that, drugs are cheaper, purer and more available today than ever before. This program captures heart-wrenching stories at all levels of America's drug war -- from the dealer to the grieving mother; the narcotics officer to the senator; and the inmate to the federal judge…. "As I Am": This short film floats through South Memphis resident Chris Dean's landscape, revealing the lives that have shaped his world. Poetic and powerful imagery combines with the young philosopher's trenchant observations about life. (120min)

 WRITING OUT LOUD will return next week.


Tuesday, April 9

7pm                  AMERICAN MASTERS “Carol Burnett: Woman of Character” – Examines her career, difficult childhood and the dramatic turn that followed her TV variety show.

8:30pm             PIONEERS OF TELEVISION #305 “Carol Burnett & The Funny Ladies” -- Carol Burnett's television comedy career and the funny ladies of TV who joined her are highlighted.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Syria Behind the Lines” -- Olly Lambert documents the devastating effect of a religious feud that is shaping Syria's future.

10pm                OKLAHOMA CAPITOL CONNECTION -- Supt. Janet Barresi - State School Superintendent... and... Rep. Todd Thomsen (R) District 25 - Majority Whip

10:30pm           KEY INGREDIENTS -- Aspects of our complex relationship with food, including economic efficiencies, are explored.


Wednesday, April 10

8pm                  NOVA “Australia’s First Billion Years” (Part 1 of 4) -- Experts explore bacterial slime, the earliest forms of life, in the red hills of Australia.

9pm                  THE TRUTH ABOUT EXERCISE WITH MICHAEL MOSELEY -- The new and surprising truths about exercise and why we all respond to it differently


Thursday, April 11 

10am                COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG ELECTRONIC FIELD TRIPS “The Industrious Tradesmen” – This is the final electronic field trip of the season. It preempts SESAME STREET on this day only.

7pm                  GALLERY #1305 – The inspirational stories of rappers Little Mike and Funny Bone... and... Soul Bird, the happy art of Skip Hill (PREMIERE)

8pm                  GLOBE TREKKER “Across America: Route 66 and Beyond” – This is the new 12th season… on a new day… and a new earlier time period!

10pm                THE LOST BIRD PROJECT -- This nature documentary follows sculptor Todd McGrain's efforts to memorialize five extinct birds.