Programming Notes 2/02 to 2/07

Written by Holly on Saturday February 2, 2013

Saturday, February 2

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP discusses winter wheat conditions across Oklahoma and offers advice on top dress application. Plus: calf scours prevention, pasture regrowth, Oklahoma Quality Beef Network, wheat prices, crop insurance deadlines, Mesonet weather, wild hogs, sorting leftover bolts and 4-H Extension educator science training.

8pm                  OETA MOVIE CLUB 25th Anniversary Double Feature! -- “An Affair to Remember” and “Once”


Sunday, February 3

6:30am             RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY – In order to bring you OKLAHOMA CAPITOL CONNECTION at 1:30pm (in the former ROLL CALL time period), we must slide RELIGION & ETHICS down to 6:30am. If this is too early, this program also airs on OKLA at 10:30pm on Sunday nights.

8am                  OUTDOOR OKLAHOMA -- Outdoor Oklahoma highlights two of the many practices that the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife use to help manage and even study the resident and migratory waterfowl population in Oklahoma. From a "goose round-up" to an aerial view of a millet seeding program, Outdoor Oklahoma gets you up close to waterfowl science.

8:30pm             TRACKS AHEAD – We’ve aired all of the new AVIATORS episodes, so now we’re back to trains. But planes will be back eventually. And automobiles will continue at 7am. :)

12:30pm            OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Corrections Crisis” -- Overcrowding is reaching a critical point in state prisons and county jails.  We discuss what’s causing the problem and its impact and the Department of Corrections’ need for additional funding, with:  Justin Jones, Director, Oklahoma Department of Corrections… Chris West, Undersheriff, Canadian County… Don Hewett, Sheriff, McClain County… Major Shannon Clark, Public Information Officer, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

1:30pm             OKLAHOMA CAPITOL CONNECTION – This program is much like last year’s ROLL CALL. Dan Schiedel sits down with legislators and public office holders. This week he chats with Lt. Governor Todd Lamb and Representative Randy Grau. Each episode will repeat on Tuesday nights at 10pm and several times on OKLA. RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY usually airs in this timeslot. It has been temporarily moved to 6:30am. (See note above at 6:30am.)

7pm                  MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey” – Episode 4 (from last week)

8pm                  MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey” – Episode 5 (premiere)

9pm                  MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey” – Episode 5 (repeat of the 8pm episode)


Monday, February 4

12:30pm            STATE OF THE STATE – OETA is producing and airing this live. 

9pm                  STATE OF THE STATE – Repeat of the 12:30pm live broadcast.


Tuesday, February 5

7pm                  PIONEERS OF TELEVISION “Miniseries”

8pm                  SILICON VALLEY:AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – Tonight’s programming has undergone many changes due to changes from PBS and the scheduled State of the Union presidential address later this month. Because of this, the listings services might not have the information correct. If anyone's television guides or newspapers show programming different from this, that's the reason. The same can be said about the next two Tuesdays after tonight. Here's a tip: The program guide on the OETA website comes directly from our Traffic and Operations software. It will always be correct.

9:30pm             THE MYSTERIOUS LOST STATE OF FRANKLIN -- At the end of the American Revolution, frontier settlers beyond the Appalachian mountains broke away from North Carolina to form their own government. They named their new territory The State of Franklin. The region's citizens, once united against the British Crown, now found themselves divided against one another.

10pm                OKLAHOMA CAPITOL CONNECTION – Sunday’s episode will be repeated each week in this time period.

10:30pm            FOOD FORWARD “Urban Agriculture Across America”


Wednesday, February 6

7pm                  NATURE “Attenborough’s Life Stories, Part 3”

8pm                  NOVA “Building Pharoah’s Chariot”

9pm                  LIFE ON FIRE “Pioneers of the Deep”

10pm                GLOBE TREKKER “East Texas”


Thursday, February 7 

7pm                  GALLERY #1304 --  Gallery shows how a poem feeds the soul, bringing us poets who are sharing all they know… And Phillip Danner and Jarrod Smith provide studio space at an affordable rate and expand the number of opportunities for artists in the Plaza District by holding several free art openings and music events monthly. (PREMIERE)

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “The Apple Doesn’t Fall” -- Portwenn has a new police officer following the departure of PC Mark Mylow after his doomed marriage. His replacement is PC Joseph Penhale,who appears to have an odd affliction which causes him to fall asleep suddenly at strange times. The doctor discovers that he has narcolepsy brought on by a kick to the head from a horse suffered two years earlier. Village plumber Bert Large is having a midlife crisis. His son Al has left the village on his travels round the world and Bert feels left out in the cold. Doc Martin offers no help.

10pm                CALL THE MIDWIFE #105 – In the earlier version of the listings, this was posted as #106. That would have been out of order. I’ve sent the corrections to the listings services. I hope they make the corrections in the guides. Tonight should be #105 and next week should be #106, and the following week will be the holiday special from last December. New episodes of CALL THE MIDWIFE are coming at the end of March!!