Doctor Who Marathon

Written by Holly on Sunday December 30, 2012

Victory_of_the_DaleksGood news for Whovians without New Year's Eve plans!

Starting at 9am tomorrow (December 31st), we will be giving 18 of our beloved DOCTOR WHO episodes one last broadcast before their broadcast rights expire. They'll run back-to-back with only a legal ID in between each. If you want to see ever frame of video, from opening to closing credits, you'll have to schedule your bathroom breaks and trips to the fridge in the 30 seconds between episodes.

Because the lengths of the episodes vary, the start times will also vary. This might not affect you at all, but I wanted to point it out because it's not something we're used to in the TV world. Everything usually starts at the top or bottom of the hour. Also, if you're DVR'ing these episodes, you might run into some problems setting the start/stop times. I don't know what kind of advice to give you on that. Watch your television guide and our online schedules closely. 

The marathon begins with "The Next Doctor," the first the five specials in David Tennant's last season. Then we'll see Matt Smith introduced as the eleventh Doctor and follow his adventures all the way to "The Big Bang." The current season playing on Fridays and Saturday nights will be in next year's marathon plans. 

For more information about the individual episodes, take a look at the OKLA tab on the Schedules page.