After Newtown

Written by Holly on Thursday December 20, 2012

gwenThis past week has been a painful one. Media outlets have covered the facts, the people and the grief from the loss of life in Newtown, Connecticutt. Conversations are beggining to take place on how to prevent such tragedies in the future and PBS is stepping forward to lead in the discussions.

To begin that effort, this Friday at 8pm we will be sharing a PBS special "After Newtown," anchored by Gwen Ifill. Drawing on the resources of NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE, NOVA, WASHINGTON WEEK, and others, this collaborative effort will provide the sort of context and analysis that is unique to public broadcasting.

Obviously the tragedy requires more than just a few days of coverage. PBS is working with its many public media partners to follow up with even more programming. NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE, NOVA, and others contributing to Friday's special will be working on additional programs which look at the issues from many different perspectives.

"After Newtown" will preempt WASHINGTON WEEK and NEED TO KNOW this week. PBS is not feeding either of those programs, but they will return next week for their annual recap of 2012.