Wagner's Ring Cycle

Written by Holly on Friday September 7, 2012


Opera fans rejoice! Wagner's Ring is here!

Opera haters, turn to OKLA.

GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET will take over much of the PBS schedule next week with the new production of Wagner's four operas known collectively as the Ring cycle. It all begins Monday night with a behind-the-scenes documentary about the production. And the four nights that follow will feature each of the individual operas. All programs begin at 8pm and end at different times.

Monday, 8pm to 10pm -- "Wagner's Dream"
Tuesday, 8pm to 11pm -- "Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)"
Wednesday, 8pm to 12:30am -- "Die Walkure (The Valkyrie)"
Thursday, 8pm to 12:30am -- "Siegfried"
Friday, 8pm to 1am -- "Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)"

Plenty of information about the production, including some sneak peak video clips, can be found on the Great Performances website

If you're wondering what you're missing during the opera, the answer is "not much." PBS isn't feeding any new FRONTLINEs, NOVAs, etc. So, you're not missing those. We won't preempt the new GLOBE TREKKER or local documentaries. If you're looking for WASHINGTON WEEK, you'll find it Sunday at 4am and 12noon. NEED TO KNOW will air Sunday at 4:30am. DOCTOR WHO will not be seen on our main channel at all this week. You'll have to turn to OKLA to see "Vincent and the Doctor" Saturday at 9pm. (One of my favorite episodes EVER. I know, it feels like I say that about every episode.) 

Those of you not interested at all in opera should really check out OKLA this week. We'll have all eight hours of PIONEERS OF TELEVISION, Tuesday through Thursday from 8pm to 10pm each night. It's not often that we can show an entire series like that in prime time. 

As for me, I'm probably going to do what one of our viewers suggested... Turn on the operas and then start doing something else. It will make for fabulous background noise.