New Doctor Who

Written by Holly on Thursday August 2, 2012

dws6It's official. As of this morning, I have typed the words into the October draft schedule, and unless something significant happens between now and then (and it would have to be incredibly important), we will begin airing the new episodes of DOCTOR WHO on October 12th. 

Now, please note that our new season isn't the new season they're getting to see across the pond later this month. Our new season begins with the Christmas special from 2010, titled "A Christmas Carol." Then on October 19th, we will begin Series 6 with "The Impossible Astronaut."

And let me go ahead and say this... I cannot tell you when we'll have Series 7. In the past, we've started receiving them in the spring following their BBC premiere, but it didn't happen that way this year. We have to wait until the fall. So, the best I can offer at this point is that it might be the fall of 2013 before we see those. Please don't ask me that question for a while. I want to see them just as much as you do, and I will put them in the schedule as soon as we have them. For now, let's just sit back and wait patiently for these new episodes. 

Just hang on... Just a little longer... It'll be worth it.