Sprout is not OETA

Written by Holly on Wednesday January 25, 2012


If you've watched Sprout recently, you may have seen crawls and messages telling you to call DirecTV and tell them to leave the Sprout channel alone. We'd like you to know that we have nothing to do with that. Sprout and OETA are completely separate entities.

It's hard not to think of Sprout as a PBS channel or even an OETA channel. It has a lot of the same programming as OETA, especially the OETA Kids Channel (#114 on Cox Digital Cable). But actually, Sprout is a partnership between Comcast, HIT Entertainment, PBS and Sesame Workshop, with PBS having a minority interest in the channel.

Over the last year, Sprout has been negotiating with DirecTV to renew its carriage and distribution terms. DirecTV is planning to move Sprout to a premium tier of service, which requires subscribers to pay an additional fee. At this time, DirecTV and Sprout have not been able to reach agreement, and as a result, Sprout may be unavailable on DirecTV starting next month.

Sprout is asking customers of DirecTV to request that Sprout remain in its current position by calling a toll-free number (1-866-9-SPROUT) or visiting the dedicated microsite SaveSprout.com.

All Sprout viewers, regardless of their service provider, will see a crawl as well as on-air spots alerting customers to the change on DirecTV. But nothing is changing for Sprout viewers who have AT&T or Cox.