Programming Notes 11/25 to 12/03

Written by Holly on Friday November 25, 2011

Friday, Nov 25

7pm                  AMERICA IN PRIMETIME “Man of the House” -- No OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT tonight due to the holiday.


10pm                No RED GREEN tonight due to PBS ARTS. RED GREEN is not going away. It’s just hit or miss until the new year and then it should go back to the 10pm timeslot MOST Fridays.


Saturday, Nov 26

6pm                  AMERICA IN PRIMETIME “Independent Woman” -- No OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT tonight due to the holiday.

11pm                WOODY ALLEN: AMERICAN MASTERS – There wasn’t a MASTERPIECE fed by PBS this week, so we’re airing this in the MASTERPIECE timeslot instead. It will repeat itself until 6am Sunday morning.


Sunday, Nov 27

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Rural Mayors” – Discussion of life in Oklahoma's rural cities with the mayors of four small cities: Stan Sallee, Mayor of Collinsville… Garen Martens, Mayor of Fairview… Stephen Brinlee, Mayor of Wilburton… Alex Damon, Mayor of Cordell

9:30pm             PRESERVING OKLAHOMA HISTORY #102 -- To order a copy of this program call 405-848-8501 and mention this program by name and episode number 


Tuesday, Nov 29

8pm                  FRONTLINE “Flying Cheap” -- The crash of Continental 3407 in Buffalo, NY and major changes to the airline industry are examined.

9pm                  HERBERT HOOVER: LANDSLIDE -- A look at Hoover's presidency, the Great Depression and the lasting impact of his policy decisions.

10:30pm           DESTINY AT DAWN: LOSS AND VICTORY ON THE WASHITA -- DESTINY AT DAWN tells the dramatic and tragic story of Custer's 1868 pre-dawn attack on a sleeping Cheyenne village along the Washita River. The film's highlights are emotional and heartfelt interviews with Cheyenne descendents, along with a compelling re-enactment of the actual attack. This program airs often on OKLA. To purchase the video or related merchandise, go to the Western National Parks Association website store at


Thursday, Dec 1

7pm                  BAND BEDLAM – Highlights the Oklahoma Pride marching band and the OSU Cowboy marching band. This repeats a few times in the near future. 

12/03 at 6:30am (Main)
12/02 at 8:30am and 4pm (OKLA)
12/03 at 1pm and 3:30pm (OKLA)
12/29 at 9:30am and 2:30pm (OKLA)

9pm                 FIRST AND FEMALE -- n 2010, Oklahoma elected it's first female governor from the two outstanding women representing their parties. First & Female uses this occasion to explore the women in Oklahoma history like Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller and Civil Rights leader Clara Luper who have paved the way. And, it offers solutions for empowering women to become more involved in politics. This will repeat on OKLA in January.

9:30pm             INDEPENDENT LENS “Art and Copy” -- Reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time.