Programming Notes 9/16 to 9/22

Written by Holly on Friday September 16, 2011

Friday, Sept 16

7pm                  ONR -- The trail has gone cold, but new information sheds light on the mysterious disappearance of an Oklahoma family… Oklahoma’s Indian tribes are diversifying to maximize their economic impact… In southern Oklahoma, students learn the skills they need for jobs of the 21st Century… The birthplace of the parking meter prepares for a high-tech upgrade to its old standby… Bikers take Oklahoma Life on the open road… And, Charley Newcomb with Oklahoma Stories.


Saturday, Sept 17

7:30am             SUNUP – Breaks down by category the estimated $1.6 billion dollars loss to Oklahoma agriculture caused by the 2011 drought. Plus, a description for the La Nina weather pattern and why the drought will likely continue; livestock and crop management strategies and market analysis; crop insurance rules; Mesonet weather and predicted first freeze dates; floor mats in the shop; and meet the 2011 Outstanding Young Farmers from Woods County.

9pm                  OETA MOVIE CLUB (Double Feature) -- “Never Too Late” – Television premiere from local filmmaker Nick Felix. More information can be found here: The second movie of the night is “Never On Sunday.” 


Sunday, Sept 18

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM --  “U.S. Supreme Court” – Discussion of key cases from the last term of the United States Supreme Court and what to expect on the docket that begins on October 3rd with guests: Joseph Thai, Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma College of Law... Lyn Entzeroth, Professor, University of Tulsa College of Law… Marc Blitz, Professor, Oklahoma City University School of Law

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Drought Impact - The affects of the long, triple-digit-hot, dry summer will continue to linger for those who live off the land… Smart Grid - A new smart grid lessens the pain of extreme energy costs for some Oklahomans... Wind Energy - Pete Delaney, CEO of OG&E, discusses smart grid technology… SimMan - Distance learning is used for some emergency medical technician instruction while a "super" manikin provides hands-on training by re-creating nearly any health emergency scenario… Portable Health Classroom - A new "health trailer" recently rolled off the assembly line to serve a double function - an emergency response unit and a mobile classroom.

O K L A – Starting tonight, we’ll air AUSTIN CITY LIMITS Saturday nights at 10pm on OKLA directly from the satellite feed. When it aired on our Main channel, we had to hold it for a week before showing it. Now it can be seen when many other stations across the country air it! Later this fall, we'll face some situations when we'll have to move it later on Saturday nights. But, until then, it can be seen Saturday nights at 10pm on O K L A.


Monday, Sept 19

9pm                  NOT AS I PICTURE: A PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNEY THROUGH LYMPHOMA -- Photographer John Kaplan turns the lens on himself to document his struggle to beat cancer. The producers are offering a free DVD copy of this film. More information can be found on the website:

10pm                ALZHEIMER'S: THE COST OF GROWING OLD -- The disease, diagnosis and ongoing search for an effective treatment and a cure are explored.


Tuesday, Sept 20

7pm                  HISTORY DETECTIVES -- Gwen dissects the mystery behind an ornate Belgian War medal.  Elyse traces a pennant to the early battle for the woman's vote.  And a cartoon cel leads Tukufu to unsung heroes of animation.

9pm                  BEHIND THE LENS WITH OKLAHOMA’S FUTURE FILMMAKERS #201 – This program is produced by students at Jenks High School. It will repeat on OKLA on October 19th. 

9:30pm             POV “The Learning” -- Follows four Filipino women who reluctantly leave their families and schools to teach in Baltimore.


Wednesday, Sept 21

7pm                  LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER "New York Philharmonic Opening Night with Deborah Voigt" -- This is coming live from PBS in place of the usual NATURE and NOVA programs, which can still be seen in their usual time slots this weekend.

9pm                  NOT IN OUR TOWN: LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS -- The Mayor of Patchogue, New York leads residents to confront the anti-immigrant bias in their town.

10pm                CSI ON TRIAL -- Follows what went wrong in Nebraska's foremost CSI that fell under suspicion of faking evidence. Since this is a regional program, it can be seen on OKLA starting in early October.


Thursday, Sept 22 

7pm                  STATELINE #504 “Address Unknown” – A look at the numbers and demographics of Oklahoma's homeless, the difficulty in keeping track of their information and how the stereotype is changing. 

7:30pm             GALLERY #1202 “Passages, A Bible Story” -- Ancient manuscript experts from around the world are coming to Oklahoma to examine a massive collection of artifacts, items that are being gathered by an Oklahoma City businessman to tell the story of the Bible… Also, “The Purpose Driven Art of Victor Driver” Oklahoma City graphic artist Victor Driver creates illustrations for Bibles.