Children's Programming Changes

Written by Holly on Friday September 2, 2011

pbskidsIt’s that time of year again... The time when we see the biggest changes to our children's programming lineup. This year, both our main channel and our OETA Kids channel will get new lineups starting Monday September 5th.

The good news is that this year's lineup is the best one yet. Due to some changes in our partnership with the State Department of Education and the Department of Libraries, we are no longer required to air classroom curriculum programming from 10am to Noon. That means we can air PBS-quality children’s programming every weekday from 7am to 5pm! 

We understand that not all of the programming changes will work with everyone's personal schedules. Lunch and naps aren't the same for all of us. Some children will be upset that they can't see Barney at the usual time or they'll have to wait until late afternoon to see the wacky cast of ELECTRIC COMPANY. Hopefully everyone will be able to adjust quickly and easily.

Many of this year's programming changes come from changes made in the PBS satellite feed. Some very smart people at PBS put a lot of thought and research into the proper time and order of the programs. When it comes down to it, the only changes OETA has made to PBS's schedule is to add SIGNING TIME and THOMAS & FRIENDS. We've had many viewers request that these programs remain in the schedule, so we've made adjustments for that to happen.

Here is the new lineup... 

7am           CURIOUS GEORGE
8am            SUPERWHY!
8:30am      DINOSAUR TRAIN
9am           SESAME STREET
10am         SID THE SCIENCE KID 
10:30am    WORDWORLD
11am         SIGNING TIME! 
11:30am    BARNEY & FRIENDS
12noon      CAILLOU 
1pm           DINOSAUR TRAIN
1:30pm      THOMAS & FRIENDS 
2pm           CURIOUS GEORGE
2:30pm      MARTHA SPEAKS
3pm            ARTHUR
3:30pm       WORDGIRL
4pm            WILD KRATTS

I need to mention that BETWEEN THE LIONS is no longer available for broadcast. The broadcast rights have expired and the producers didn't renew them. You can probably see some videos online, but we can't broadcast them anymore.

The OETA Kids channel will have many programming changes as well due to the PBS satellite feed changes.

Thanks for watching!